Yoga the new fitness regime

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    Studies across the world continue to reveal the health benefits of Yoga, and the age old philosophy continues to become the new fitness regime for the health conscious. By including yoga in your daily life you’ll be surprised at how much more supple and strong your body becomes.

    Yoga works in a subliminal way, and even the silence of meditation and deep breathing exercises can have incredible effects on the mind. Your mind becomes more disciplined, easier to control, harder to distract and brings on a state of concentration and relaxation.

    Routinely practicing yoga and performing asanas stimulates and activates various processes within your body, including the organs, glands and creates internal body heat and quickens your heart rate, leading to weight loss and a smooth running system that is no longer lethargic and sluggish. Practicing yoga stimulates the endocrine system and rejuvenates the nervous system, thus balancing the functions of glands which control body systems.

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