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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by SexiLexi, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. undefeated41

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    Sexilexi she seems hot then asking about herself in yoga pants. Without showing a pic. What a tease:wink::wink:
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  2. Just for fun

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  3. dickiea584

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    My wife has the best look in Yoga except the last was my bad.:laughing: DSC03220.JPG DSC03221.JPG My wife Yoga pant.jpg Cum on her Yoda pant.jpg
  4. Just for fun

    Just for fun Live your best life

    Interesting comment and observation. I was at the gym some years back and a girl in her 20's was working out near me. She had on either tights or yoga pants whatever. She was doing an exercise where she was laying on her side and lifting her leg high. What I saw was her crotch material so worn out from washing and usage that there were gaping holes in the material. there were no panties nor cotton panel. I was tempted to say something just to notify her that I could see her entire ya ya but I kept quiet. Her entire pussy was right there looking at me I could even see the color of her sparse pubes. ladies, did she have a motive or was it total innocence? I still don't know but what do you ladies think?
  5. Breastfan

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    I'm thinking she knew exactly what she was doing.......
  6. cindy94

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    I wear thongs or g strings under my yoga pants and shorts
  7. I love the look of yoga pants when there are no panty lines - Also to see a little lacy thong that shows through when you bend over is also hot..., But the "feel" of my wife ass when she is commando in yoga pants - then commando is the only way to go.... and she generally goes commando..
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