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Discussion in 'Yoga and Meditation' started by rockys, Sep 29, 2013.

  1. rockys

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    To establish the beneficial effects of Yoga practiced in the midst of nature, lets consider a few facts that will help inspiring us to go out for maintaining our fitness. The very first thing that actually makes us believe in wonders is the pace of time that seems to accelerate. Precisely, we hardly feel the time that has been dedicated to workout sessions. Moreover, we also do not feel the stress on our body as the freshness in the atmosphere seems to absorb it all. Along the strenuous sessions we can well enjoy the beauty of the environment which eventually proves to be the nutrition for our mind. The best part is that we end up more time working out without even realizing it.
  2. Alice in SC

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    I like doing nude yoga on our farm. Something about bein nude & in the open relly gives me the feeling of complete freedom.
  3. Ajay0

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    I love long walks and meditating on beaches and large parks. I especially do deep breathing exercises in the beach or isolated parks which gives me a lot of energy.

    These places , especially beaches, are rich in prana, and hence makes meditation much more easier. Similarly exercising in these areas is also more beneficial due to the pollution-free air rich in oxygen.

    I have observed that the longer I stayed in the beach , the better I felt and used to stay for longer periods with each trip. A couple of times I stayed all day and night in the beach and woke up the next day really refreshed and energised.
  4. MasseurNaturel

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    Love the thought of you doing nude yoga on your farm, is that totally nude or in your cowgirl boots and hat?

    I live next to a farm and enjoy doing yoga and as much exercise as possible outdoors in the nude. I'm also near a beach and enjoy jogging nude on the sand by the waters edge. Exercising outdoors is just so refreshing and peaceful and far more interesting than being indoors; it's far more enjoyable watching the nature, the animals and wildlife, the scenery, all whilst working out in the fresh air.
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  5. lovelyfoxes

    lovelyfoxes Members

    Nude yoga is where its at. There is something about being clothing free and yoga that just clicks and makes sense.
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  6. Alice in SC

    Alice in SC Members

    I always wear my boots !
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  7. footballalways

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    any Yoga is painful.....
  8. Yankeebabe

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    Yoga is an incredible workout for mind, body, and soul. When the weather allows it, I thoroughly enjoy outdoor yoga. When I can't be outside I make sure I'm somewhere quiet in my house. As much as it does for my body, I think it provides greater mental and emotional benefits.

    Even when Tony Horton does it? Lol
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  9. footballalways

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    I think it hurts Tony....he just hides it well but I am certain he HATES YOGA DAY
  10. My favorite place to practice yoga is at my self-named "secret spot". I know it's soooo not a creative nickname but it's how I refer to it in my mind. I usually practice yoga in a more formal setting I suppose or in my sun room. When I get outdoors to do it though *sigh* it's pure bliss and peace ✌️
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  11. makihiko

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    I enjoy yoga out in nature. The hard part is finding a suitable ground, for a full on session.
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  12. Allee

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    I do yoga outside whenever the weather is good... I love it!!!! I only do naked yoga in my bedroom w/ the door locked, though. :grimacing:
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  13. Irminsul

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    Meditating in nature sounds appropriate.
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  14. johnhermes

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    This reminds me of a tactic that I use to do yoga with nature. we know that yoga's foundation is unification of mind/body/soul.

    Passive Meditation
    This is best done in a secluded spot, either a field or in the woods where you will not be disturbed by others. Start by sitting quietly and close your eyes. Turn your thoughts to a simple object such as a flower, a plant or a stream. Shut out all other thoughts except the image you have chosen. If it is a tree, think about it from all angles - its appearance, height, scent, method of growing - and so on. Let your mind enter deeply into this meditative state so that you begin to see the world around you from this tree's point of view. Feel the warmth of the sun as it warms your bark, and be aware of the birds nesting in your branches. Sense the strong Earth beneath you as it holds your roots firmly and sends pulsations of nourishment up into your being. Become the object you have selected.

    Building your Astral Bridge

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