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  1. jimmydean885

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    Alright so a little background real quick. I work as a canoe guide in the summers inbetween going to school. Basically canoeing has totally changed my life and made me who I am today! Ive worked 2 summers and they have been the best summers of my life. I am going to work as a cross country ski guide over my winter break this winter, and then I am either going to guide this summer or actually manage the base I work at!

    After this last summer I made some of the best friends I have ever had. We got to talking one night about doing a super trek. One thing led to another and we half seriously ended up with the hair brained idea that we could canoe 10,000 miles in a year! well as the summer progressed this seemed like a better and better idea, and now here we are beginning the serious planning!

    we plan on taking the Alexander Mackenzie Voyageur route first. This route starts on the St. Lawrwence river and then heads West through the Great lakes then straight north through the Boundary waters and Quetico until you reach the Artic Ocean.As soon as we are done with that we are heading to Lake Itasca and canoeing down the Mississippi.

    at the moment we are in the planning stages as we plan on starting in 2012. we want to start by creating a blog and trying to find ways to get sponsorship. We already have St. Olaf University throwing some research opportunities our way so things are looking good! Also since we guide for the Boyscouts we plan on teaching the canoeing merit badge/talking to boyscout troops.

    What would really help us at this point is some sort of name we could call ourselves/our blog/our voyage. This would help us market the idea. We are trying to develop a mission statement as well. our general inspiration is nothing is impossible/youth/getting off the computer turning off the tv and living life to the fullest.

    if any of you could help us brainstorm some ideas for a title that would be incredible! thanks guys

    happy camping
  2. jimmydean885

    jimmydean885 Member

    oh here is a link about the alexander mackenzie route if anyone is interested
  3. wameron36

    wameron36 Senior Member

    I don't have much in the way of help for names and such, but wanna say how great that idea sounds. And what's even greater is the fact that you seriously sound like you'll do it.

    I'm curious on what sort of research opportunities you are talking bout?

    Good luck with it all!
  4. jimmydean885

    jimmydean885 Member

    we are gonna do some water clarity tests, maybe soil. i dunno we are having an angoing conversation with some universities about how to make this happen. yeah this isnt bs or youthful dreaming. its waaay real! i wake up planning the trip, i go to bed dreaming the trip...its so exciting!
  5. kenwilkes

    kenwilkes Member

    Best of luck ! I love doing that sort of thing.

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