Wow. WOrst COmbo ever: weed & valium

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by Vontae8390, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Vontae8390

    Vontae8390 Member

    I had a friend give me two blue 10mg valium pills the other day. So i decide to take them last night before going to get some bud with one of my friends.

    So we walk down to the apartment complex to get the smoke, then we walk back to my house to just chill out. There really wasn't anything i was planning to dothis friday because my car had broke down and been towed last saturday. Long story short, when me and my friend come into the house i feel the valium, im a little slow and disoritended, when trying to push the key into the lock lol.

    ANyway im sitting there chilling, while my friend is rolling the blunt. We're in the living room chilling right now. I turn the tv on or whatver, i kept dropping shit on the floor, knocking shit over, omg, i was like wtf. It feels good or whatever, but that valium seems more to me like weed ina pill without the thinking part. It was so annoying when i kept knocking shit over. I wasn't stumbling or whatever, it was just walking or doing anything was sort of a hassle. Especially after i hit the blunt, i was like.....damn.

    Wost part about it, my other friend called me and told me there was a party. Now i wish i knew this b4 i took the valium, because i was litterally stuck. I know i was probally talking slow as shit. I told my friend naw, iwasn't going and that i was chilling tonight. I really had no choice. There was no way i could go ANYWhere on those valiums mixed with weed. I was too "slumped". I'm starting to hate benzos lol.

    I've learned my lesson, never mix downers with downers lol. Shit makes you tired as hell. Weed alone makes me tired as hell. I dont get it though, how some people go to parties while smoking a blunt, and go in high as hell.

    I've done that before, it was ok, it jsut feels like i move to damn slow. I guess im that type of guy that reacts slow as shit when your high as fuck.

    Or maybe i've just had too many downers, i dont think i've ever in my life had any stimulant drugs. I really dont think stimulants effect me at all. Cofee, cafffeine, energy drinks have no effect on me. I took a white naked lady extacy pill once and felt nothing, but a chill kind of feeling and a sensation where its hot as hell outside and im cold and shivvering when i go outside. If that makes any fucking sense lol. ALcohol to many feels like a stimulant, but its classifed as a depressant? Thats crazy

    Thats another question, why don't stimulants effect me? High metabolism?
  2. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    it doesn't suck, its just not a social drug. don't take it and plan on doing anything at all other than having amnesia.
  3. ahimsa

    ahimsa Senior Member

    Whether you think it sucked or not depends on what you expected to get out of it. An, like the other poster said, don't expect anything other than to be put on your ass.

    Recipe for a good valium bud experience:
    burrito from you favorite shop
    funny movies
    comfy couch
    place to crash

    Have all the above set before taking the valiums and just have a chill night. I find that you can't be tired already or you'll just fall asleep.
  4. Vontae8390

    Vontae8390 Member

    Yea i kinda researched it on erowid. Its supposed to be anti-anxiety. So you would talk more right?. Wrong. I fell face first on my bed and went to sleep.

    I guess i just was looking for a another type of social drug other than alcohol. TO do while smoking weed with friends.
  5. PsyGrunge

    PsyGrunge Full Fractal Force

    where'd you get the idea that anti-anxiety pills will make you talk more?!?!
  6. That's because your supposed to ingest them anally.

    ....If you can ingest stuff from your anus.
  7. PsyGrunge

    PsyGrunge Full Fractal Force

    well, you'd know
  8. st. stephen

    st. stephen Senior Member

    seems like u just need some uppers. trust me u get real speed, not caffeine, ull feel it
  9. PsyGrunge

    PsyGrunge Full Fractal Force

    as much as i hate it, amphetamine sulphate has gotta be one of the most sociable drugs out there.
  10. does2

    does2 Member

    Valium is great, I love all benzos and they do serve a purpose...
  11. DroneLore

    DroneLore h8rs gon h8, I stay based

    ive never had a benzo, but i got fucked up by ambien.
  12. grimjivey

    grimjivey Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    You took to much valium for going out and being social. If you'd have taken half of a ten mg. pill you'd have been fine.
  13. comfortably_numb9

    comfortably_numb9 an asshole

    weed is not a downer. its a phycoactive drug

  14. maybe you should just stop experimenting with drugs before you kill your retarded self

  15. i think you need to hang out with the OP... :rolleyes:
  16. Vontae8390

    Vontae8390 Member

    maybe if you don't like what im posting then dont fucking reply to it. What are you a e-thug or something talking tough over the net.
  17. DroneLore

    DroneLore h8rs gon h8, I stay based

    Weed isn't a downer. It increases your heart rate.
  18. does2

    does2 Member

    Looked to me like he was stating a fact, not talking tough. Faggot.
  19. +1.. e-thug.. lulz.. log off of your mommies DELL.. e-tard
  20. but it also slows down your respiratory

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