Would You relive the 60's?

Discussion in 'Ask The Old Hippies' started by PhotoDude, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. PhotoDude

    PhotoDude Member

    For those of you who were there:

    If you could some how go back in time and relive it all again, would you? Would you relive it the exact same way? Would you do anything differently?
  2. Only caught the tail end of the 60's but without a doubt I would go back and do it again... a magical time and place.
  3. Naco Kid

    Naco Kid Member

    Like a lot of people, I find so many things about my life back then that were...Wow! Things that I'm amazed I did, and survived. It all shaped my life so that what I have done for all the years since would be the product of the 'me' that came out of it. I have come to really like the 'me' that grew from those years, and the other times of my life. Would I go back? Nah! I really, really like 'today'! Another thing about 'going back'! It ain't never the same. And I don't ever want to 'replace' those once-in-a-lifetime memories with new memories! I totally enjoy the memories I have, and could never, ever do better than that!

    WOLF ANGEL Senior Member - A Fool on the Hill HipForums Supporter

    As a Child of/in the 60s = Memories of Life turning from BLACK + WHITE to COLOUR - Rebellious Youth (with a purpose) The Wall, Cuba, JFK/MLK, Clay to Ali, Moon landings, The BeaTles, And ... so much more!!! = Great times
    The only thing I wish = that I could have made more of a contribution to/and with the Changing World although, over all, No regrets :)
  5. thismoment

    thismoment Member

    It was a time like no other and I'm really glad I was there. Like Naco, I found my path in those extraordinary times and circumstances and I'm glad and grateful for that.

    If I did go back, I'd skip Vietnam and go to San Francisco instead. But my time in VN was a part of shaping who I am now, so I don't know. Basically, I feel blessed to have been there then and here now.

    There is so much good happening now. For example, I've been to a transformational gathering almost every month this year. I'm leaving in a few days for a 3 day festie in the mountains (going to dance beneath the diamond sky), followed by a 4-5 day vision quest in higher mountains something like the ones in the photo below.
  6. Not really. Where and who I am now are results of what I did, right or wrong, before. My wife and I joke that we've been successful in every way except financially; and the one opinion we haven't changed since we were young (we're in our late 50's now) is that money rates very low on the list of where we wished to succeed. Our kids are great and happy and good people with families of their own, and we're all very close. If I went back and corrected what were wrong choices, I might not end up where I am now. And I like it here.
  7. Heck yeah, I would. It was a great and wondrous time. I'd take a do-over in a heartbeat if I could.

    Would I change anything? Well, that's a harder question. Depends on whether I could know then what I know now. That makes all the difference.
  8. thismoment

    thismoment Member

    I've been thinking more about the question - I sure would like to make love with my wife at a young age again.
  9. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    What is good or was good bears repeating. Oh yeah--I'd love to do it again. It was a most exciting time to be alive.
  10. Spectacles

    Spectacles My life is a tapestry Lifetime Supporter

    I was 10 in 1960 and so still living at home until I was 18. I would not want to be back there now. I would not mind revisiting time after 1968 and I do now and then in my mind.
  11. Rivehn

    Rivehn Member

    Man that is one time I'd love to have lived it.
  12. Reverand JC

    Reverand JC Willy Fuckin' Wonka

  13. thismoment

    thismoment Member

    Well, in a lot of respects it was a great time. And it was a unique time - a time like no other time before or since - a renaissance of the mind in a very few, intense years.

    But these are grand times too. to me, this whole transformational gatherings scene is exactly what we had in mind in the 60s and 70s. The music is different, but wtf, it's amazing to dance to, just like my sigline says. I feel massively blessed to be here in these times now.

    LOL, in a few weeks I'm going to a three day BYOA (bring your own altar) event. Oh yeah, we'll dance beneath the diamond sky alright.

  14. Reverand JC

    Reverand JC Willy Fuckin' Wonka

    I was thinking about having a BYOB (Bring Your Own Buddha) show. Just people walking around in the audience making small talk like "Nice Buddha."

    Rev J
  15. desert-rat

    desert-rat Senior Member

    I lived through the 60s , I am not sure if I would like to go back to that time. A time I would like to re live a bit different is . A lady I knew asked me to help her find her kids , she told me her b.f.and kids split to this hotel . We did not find them , after thinking on this for many years I think she had some thing else in mind .
  16. Rivehn

    Rivehn Member

  17. Terranaut

    Terranaut Guest

    I was born in 1955 so I lived the 60's but was a kid pretty much. I was 8 when JFK got assassinated and the Beatles lifted America from her mourning a few months later on the Ed Sullivan Show. I remember when Star Trek was new. As a teen in the early 70's I kinda felt like I just missed the "big show"--I was born just a few years too late to be in on the times with more of an objective older sense. If I could keep my current knowledge and relive the 60's I probably would--at least the Cuban missle crisis wouldn't have scared me as much. Thankfully they ended the Vietnam war just as I turned of age. That was a big fear to grow up under. I was pretty hip to music though as a kid. My first LP was "Are You Experienced?" by Hendrix. That album is still ahead of its time.
  18. east lilly

    east lilly Guest

    I was there and I never felt so alive and free. Would I go back? Not in this body, I wouldn't be able to take sleeping on picnic tables, or taking horse tranquilizers, or staying up for days on end. I still like the music and the idea of peace, harmony and equal rights for all. I like it today though, so I probably would not go.
  19. uitar9

    uitar9 Member

    was 14 in 67. got into the scene of the day, the music, the clothes, the drugs. It was a good time.

    Looking back, I am lucky I lived through '67-75. The drugs and alcohol became the focus. Some of us didn't make it.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It would be nice to know what I know now, buy some Microsoft on it's way up, and be a little better off financially today
  20. Karen_J

    Karen_J Visitor

    I was a toddler in the sixties, playing with baby dolls and teddy bears. I would like to have experienced it when I had enough maturity to understand what was going on, and have the freedom to participate.

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