Would you marry me If Asked you to...

Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by Ash_Freakstreet, Jan 30, 2005.


Would you?

  1. Yes

    0 vote(s)
  2. Yes, But only if can castrate you after I do so....

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  1. Ash_Freakstreet

    Ash_Freakstreet Hmm.... GROOVY!

    ................ ;)
  2. Orsino2

    Orsino2 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

  3. Lucifer Sam

    Lucifer Sam Vegetable Man

    Possibly... but probably not.
  4. Ash_Freakstreet

    Ash_Freakstreet Hmm.... GROOVY!

    Hehe... I made this thread when was drunk last night.

    When I saw this thread now, I was somewhat surprised because I did not even remember that I created such a thread.
  5. prism

    prism :o

    uhm......no :D...yes....maybe....perhaps. :D
  6. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    Do you have lots of money? Would you make me sign a pre-nup?
  7. lover/young_peace

    lover/young_peace Senior Member

    Hah... you included that second option just for me, didn't you?

    Of course. :D I'll marry any poor fucker stupid enough to agree to it. :D
  8. ( ∞ )

    ( ∞ ) INFINITY

    Wow... you all want to castrate Ash...

    Leave the poor fucker's testicles alone!

    BTW, he's dead. I killed him.
  9. prism

    prism :o

  10. lover/young_peace

    lover/young_peace Senior Member

    Don't post in your own thread... you can get banned for that... :D
  11. prism

    prism :o

    ...I suspect *something* is going on here......
  12. lover/young_peace

    lover/young_peace Senior Member

    Should we call ghostbusters?
  13. prism

    prism :o

    Fuck yes :D:D:D
  14. lover/young_peace

    lover/young_peace Senior Member

    Yaaaayyyeee.... :D

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