Would you buy this Lab-grade vaporizer for this price? Just curious

Discussion in 'Show Your Piece' started by Bas50cal, Apr 22, 2008.

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    I am what you could loosely call a chemist, as in I have the education and the lab equipment, just no lab.

    Since about a month ago, i have been using some common lab equipment to vaporize and cool my herb for me and my friends, and it hits like nothing I have ever smoked out of before. Its a vaporizer, so it is pure THC as long as a correct temperature is maintained, and since I run it through a cooling unit, its not harmful for your lungs either. It even gives a stronger psychedelic high than herb normally does.

    So today I decided to price up the lab equipment used (ill tell you if you PM me, its not a secret) off the internet, see how much this little wonder was costing me, and its surprisingly over $700. BUT I set it up without the extremely expensive equipment, and I can make the whole set, everything included except for that certain herb, for $46.95.

    My question is, would you buy (online or in a store) a herb vaporizer that is Lab-Grade and 100% safe and efficient for around $60-75? It would come packages and sealed of course, just like a real product, and Im actually thinking about selling it online. So would you buy something like that?

    BTW, its customizable, so you can mix and match accessories.
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    My first response would be yes.

    What kind of heating does it use? I'm picturing a Bunson burner set up in classic "mad chemist" style. Pix maybe?
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    I'd definitely get a vape for around 70 bucks.

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