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Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Moonjava, May 30, 2004.

  1. Moonjava

    Moonjava Senior Member

    Is it just me, or do you think guys like sex more than girls?
  2. seamonster66

    seamonster66 discount dracula

    I would not agree. Guys may start getting into it earlier, but girls catch up.
  3. LMoffet1

    LMoffet1 Member

    I absolutely love sex, and i'm a girl. I started loving it when the first time I had sex with my bf, I had an orgasm. Once you know you can have an orgasm from sex, it's all over. I didn't like it before then. You just have to find someone that you have chemistry with or who knows what they are doing!
  4. Spinner

    Spinner Member

    No. I think guys tend to show it more. While girls keep it on the down low.
    They're just as freaky as us guys!
  5. KozmicBlue

    KozmicBlue Senior Member

    No way, I disagree! I lllllllove sex!
  6. ZePpeLinA

    ZePpeLinA Jump around!

    guys show their interest in sex more than girls, cos they're more physical. For girls it's more of a... i dont want to use the word emotional, but it's something like that.

    Dont forget the stupid ideas that some people have such as "nice girls dont do that"...fuck it, we have as much right as guys to enjoy sex because it's part of what we are as human beings, i dont see any wrong in that. unless you're underage or doing it for the wrong reasons.

    sex is good but even more so when there's love involved!!!
  7. I heard that guys think about sex every five seconds or something like that I might be wrong... but that's so ridiculous, I mean I think about sex every 2.5 seconds.

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