Would I be absolutely insane...

Discussion in 'Higher Ed' started by Strawberry_Fields_Fo, Jan 2, 2005.

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    ...to double major and have a minor?

    Right now, I'm a nursing major, and although I like it so far, it's such an intensive program I don't feel my education is as well-rounded as I'd like it to be. Ideally, I would double major in Nursing and International studies, since I want to work in international health care (maybe work for the red cross or the WHO).

    The catch is, if I wanted to major in international studies, the program would also require me to have a minor (which is okay with me--I would get to major in African studies, since Africa is my main geographic interest) AND...(here's the shitter) I wouldn't graduate for five years minimum (including this year, so I'd graduate a year after my peers).

    The nursing program (including the core courses required of every major) totals up to 128 credits. The international studies major totals up to an additional 60 credits, so I'd be going for 188 credits before I could graduate. After this semester I will have completed 36 credits. The only way I could do it in 5 years is if I took 18 credit hours a semester starting this fall AND take courses during the summer.

    Has anyone else double majored? How difficult was it? I'm definately making an appointment with my advisor, but I don't go back until the 22nd, so I wanted some imput now.

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    I'm double majoring in anthropology and development studies and all I can say it's a LOT of work. And this is just my first year. But if you really are motivated and interested in the subjects you're taking, then it shouldn't be too big of a problem. I know I keep complaining about the amount of work I have, but I also enjoy learning so much that it's definitely worth it. :)
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    My brother is TRIPLE majoring at MIT. Of course, it is going to take him 5 yrs to graduate. I think it can be done if you have no other responsibilities. I am an accounting major (accounting=BORING!!) right now and hate it. But I have only two classes left to graduate. I was going to major in Biology and minor in environmental studies too, but I have two kids so I can't really dedicate too much time to schooling unfortunately. I had to pick the easiest route...which was of course the most hated!!
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    Have you talked to someone who knows the ins & outs of this?

    I am doing a double major in anthropology & religious studies. By doing the double major, I was able to count the classes of one major toward gen ed requirements -- I chose to use anthro that way, so that biological anthro counts as a bio science, while cultural anthro counts as an upper level behavioral science. Basically, it didn't take any longer to do a double major than it did for a single major. Plus, at my school, a second major automatically waives you from the minor requirement -- each major counts as a minor for the other major.

    Be sure to talk to someone who knows all the procedures. I decided to do the double major (relig studies was my minor) because another anthro major told me that you could do as I described above. Yet, when I went in to declare the double major, everyone in the relig studies department (including the guy who is assigned to be an advisor to all undergrads, so he should know this stuff) told me that you can't do as I described above. I decided to go ahead with it anyway... After filling out the paperwork & having them sign it, I had to bring the form to a dean of the college of arts & sciences. He said that it works as I described above -- I CAN use courses that are required for one major to count as gen ed requirements if they look at the other major form...

    So, basically, see if there is any way to work the system & get stuff to count toward more than one requirement. If your advisor sounds at all iffy, talk to someone higher up before you give up on the idea.

    Oh, & as for not graduating with your peers -- who cares? This isn't a race. Do what makes you happy. Keep in mind, plenty of them will likely have a bad semester or change majors or whatever & wind up on the 5-year-plan as well. Definitely don't let that stop you!

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