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Discussion in 'Birth Control' started by Lindsee, Apr 8, 2007.

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    i was on birth control for 13 days and me and my boyfriend had sex and he 'went' inside me. he said that there was nothing to worry about, i was already on birth control for 7 days, it was already into effect. i was really worried.. i know i shouldn't be. but i still kinda am.. well, im either spotting, or got my period today. i can't tell yet.. but i haven't missed any pills. is it possible to still spot? is there still any chance of me being pregnant after this? since we only had sex 3 nights ago? oh yeah.. and one more thing. today's only my 15th day on the pill. i should continue taking it, right? My pills go in a circle.. from day to day.. and i haven't reached the middle yet. i need your opinions. thanks!
  2. darkphoenix

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    with some pills, they go into effect in a week... but for a great deal of pills, it actually takes a full cycle for it to work. if you were worried about it, you probably shouldn't have let him do that. he should be pulling out until you've been on it at least a month. as far as the spotting goes, that can happen for up to three months after you start the pills... it's just your body adjusting. if you continue to spot after three months, you should talk to a doc and get a stronger kind. but the spotting doesn't necessarily mean they aren't working. i would have said to get the morning after pill if you were worried, but since it's been over 72 hours now, it wouldn't make a difference. hope that helps.

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