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Discussion in 'Parenting' started by mrs_eads80, May 18, 2004.

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    My best friend is pregnant again. This will be the 3erd time since July 2002. She lost her first at 7 mths. Got pregnant 3 mths later. Had a little girl in Feb 2004. Now she just found out that she is pregnant again. I am worried that she is not giving her body enough time to heal. Now my question is should even be worried? Or will her body be able to handle this? I am just afraid she will loss another baby, I don't want to see her hurt like that again.
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    Well, my two boys are very close in age... only a year and 2 weeks apart(I was pregnant again when Croix was 3 months old). It was very rough the second time. My nerves were constantly pinched. I couldnt lie down without horrible pain. I ached EVERYWHERE. Carrying a baby in my stomach and on my side killed, it was alot of pain on my back. I don't know if this had to do with anything but childbirth close together was very easy. Noah was a piece of cake to deliever. I wasn't mentally distressed though as much the second time around, I was excited! She might need alot of help her last few months, I certainly did. I was always tired and swollen and achy! I think you should just be there for her! Definatly there help wise after she brings the baby home! The first few weeks adjustment was crazy! Now the boys are best friends but at first the jealously was fierce. lol Good luck to your friend!

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