World War III

Discussion in 'Politics' started by FinShaggy, Aug 20, 2013.

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    The Red States are getting almost violently "anti-democrat", and at the same time becoming very bad at sticking together, and very good at digging up dirt on each other.

    The Blue States that are being hated (and for good reason: Obama promised change, then started fucking around in other countries). But the blue states have the support of the green states, which are growing in number, simply because the republicans are hateful towards green states, maybe even more-so than blue ones.

    Marijuana will soon be completely recreational available in 2 states, and the DEA will basically wage war (even though the "Drug War" was already officially declared to be happening in the 60's, and never ended).

    Those same Red States are keeping out immigrants that can do cheap labor, as well as immigrants that have green state crops.

    And for some reason those red states don't support things like bitcoin, even though they are libertarian, and libertarian is more red than blue.

    Americas military is spread all over the planet. Texans are about 25% of that Military. Texas is a red state, but is also the CAPITAL of Habitual Marijuana smoking in America. As well as home to many immigrants and minorities. If Texas ever leaves the Union, I can almost guarantee that in Spanish it would be called, "Nuevo Mexico".

    WWI Started WWII, by leaving Germany in shambles. WWII will start WWIII because after WWII the Jewish people were awarded what was then known as Palestine (an Arab nation), the Palestinians were kicked out of their homes and even out of their country, left to roam and try to find a new home. Palestine is now called "Israel". Israel is basically picking fights with Arabs now, and America is allied to Israel, so if they decide to start the war back up, we will have to join. So will most of the UN, which will make it a world war.

    Plus, Africa is in CRAZY turmoil. Warlords or Americans own all the diamond mines, and Europeans have been screwing with tribal leaders heads for like 600 years now, so shit is pretty crazy over there. And much of Africa is Muslim, and would support the Arabic cause I assume. This is why the 2 Bush's "stirred the hornets nest", then Obama killed a bunch of leaders and put people in charge that he wanted (in places such as Libya). But I really think that Africa will join the Arabic cause, VS the Aryan or Hebrew cause.
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    Why does it need more aliens?

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