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    Hi. Im selling my account with a 70 UD Warlock, 64 Orc Shaman, 60 Gnome Rogue, 60 NE Priest and 19 Fully Twinked BloodElf Rogue.

    My warlock is my main character which is almost in full epics. Here is links to the gear: (Brackets below the item is the enchant)

    Head - Battlecast Hood

    Neck - Brooch of Unquenchable Fury

    Sholders - Frozen Shadoweave Shoulders
    (+15 Spell Critical Strike Rating, +12 Spell Power)

    Cape - Sergeant's Heavy Cape

    Chest - Frozen Shadoweave Robe
    (+150 Health)

    Bracers - Netherweave Bracers
    (+12 Stamina)

    Gloves - Voidheart Gloves
    (+20 Spell Power)

    Belt - Netherweave Belt

    Pants - Battlecast Pants
    (+35 Spell Power, +20 Stamina)

    Boots - Frozen Shadoweave Boots
    (+7 Stamina)

    Rings - Seal of the Exorcist, Seer's Signet

    Trinkets - Scryer's Bloodgem, Ancient Crystal Talisman

    Mainhand - Greatsword of Horrid Dreams
    (+40 Spell Power)

    Offhands - Tome of Shadow Force, Star-Heart Lamp

    Wand - Hotshot Cattle Prod

    976 Spell Damage (With Felarmor)
    759 Stamina (11050 Health with Imp)

    Almost 7000 Honor Points and over 1400 Arena Points.

    Here are some links to screenshots of my WoW characters:






    I am currently asking for 500 Dollars for this entire World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade account, or best offer. For more details please email me at Thank you

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