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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by hiro, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. hiro

    hiro pursue it

    I am in need of some words of encouragement. Right now I am having some difficulties with my boyfriend. He has been dealing with some very deep depression and I am wearing thin with patience and just need some words of encouragement because I love him so much but things are just so blah. I want things to get better.
  2. NukeMoose

    NukeMoose Member

    Just remember that you love him, and that you would do anything to make him happy. Right now it seems like he needs your patience, so please just be there for him and hopefully everything will turn out just right. Best of luck to both of you!
  3. velvet

    velvet Banned

    Good luch girl.. but remember to be a girlfriend.. not a social worker.. keep the balance right! *hug*
  4. mynameiskc

    mynameiskc way to go noogs!

    yep, it's sad but true that you cannot fix your boyfriend, no matter how much you wanna make him better. support him without letting him drag you down.
  5. makno

    makno Senior Member

    peoples craziness can endanger you ....you cant fix em . protect and nourish yourself ! loving the insane makes them no less danger to themselvs and others .
  6. good luck, emily. everything will be alright. :)
  7. Peanuts

    Peanuts Nutz

    If you really love him than the best thing you can do is be supportive. Try talking with him. Ask him to write down the things that are bothering him and try tackling them together. Let him know your there for him. He may just really need your support right now and letting him know he has it from you might solve half his battle.

    Love is patient. Depression sucks and it's frustrating for the one who's dealing with it and for the ones around them.

    In the meantime do things for you that will help regain your self-worth. Don't stop living your life.

    I wish you both well with this.
  8. DoDaMan

    DoDaMan Member

    Hey Em! I'm sorry to hear that you are dealing with some hard times with you and your boyfriend. All you can do is be supportive and be there for him. But, saying that, do not let him drag you down into depression with him. I know that this is a very hard thing going through. I hope everything works out! *sending you positive vibes*


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