Woodstock Acrostic I Did For School :)

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by WoodstockChild, May 26, 2006.

  1. WoodstockChild

    WoodstockChild Intrepid Traveler!

    Lol... here goes

    Woodstock was...
    Open hearts and open skies
    Open love an open eyes
    Dreamers, poets, peace and love
    Strangers, friends and God above
    Tie-dye, beads and crazy cars
    Outstanding shows by CCR
    Children of the sun and moon
    Knee-high mud, a Hendrix tune

    Music from a famous band sparks
    Unity throughout the land
    Saving souls and freeing minds
    It opens hearts that once were blind
    Can you read the signs?

    Fellowship and freedom ring once
    Everybody starts to sing and'
    Starving souls are satisfied
    Ten-thousand tears that now have dried
    I can almost hear the sounds of
    Visions past that now are found
    A sun that slowly sets on me
    Living, loving, creating, at Woodstock.

  2. lady_dreamcatcher

    lady_dreamcatcher Local Cannibal

    WOW! i'm impressed. usually, that kinda thing just doesn't work for me, but this... very well done! smooth and well metered... bravo!
  3. TrippinBTM

    TrippinBTM Ramblin' Man

    That was perfect! Excellent flow, many acrostics sound forced but this sounds like it was just written then, lo and behold, it happened to form an acrostic too. Only issue was the last two lines didn't rhyme, but I'm willing to look past it ;)
  4. WoodstockChild

    WoodstockChild Intrepid Traveler!

    I just had to find the right way to end it :) It was part of a project we did for school. We had to make a poetry book, and I had to include Woodstock in it lol

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