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Discussion in 'Gardening' started by charmcityhippie, Apr 28, 2007.

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    do the little things in this world still surprise you? i've gardened my entire life and never ceased to be amazed that the tiny seeds that i dropped into the earth contained such life within.
    i've recently moved to baltimore, maryland. i've never lived in the middle of a city before, so its odd for me not to have the same touch of nature that i'm used to... but i have a single tree in the courtyard behind my rowhouse. my bedroom window faces directly into its uppermost branches. its been bare and skeletal since i've been here, but yesterday night when i was sitting on the roof, i could see the tiny buds starting to open... i moved closer, touched them, and it made me smile.
    today when i woke up, there were great bunches of leaves that burst out like big green flowers. it was just such a small thing... but it struck me so hard, it was such a thrill, a completely unexpected touch of paradise in the middle of all this concrete...
    do you still feel this childlike wonder at how amazing the world really is??
  2. gardener

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    I'll never get tired of the wonders of mother nature.
  3. farmout

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    Back to nature is a way of life for us here. We have a lil 32 acre farm full of life. And spring time, especially April and May, when the real growing season begins. Life being reborn after the slumber of winter! Its awsome here now.
    Peaceful thoughts your way....
    Farmout :)
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    It really has been an amazing spring. We had terrible ice storms in January that really damaged a lot of trees. I was worried that they wouldn't recover, but they seem to be thriving. What a relief! Nature IS amazing.
  5. Sea Breeze

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    I love to see new life sprouting up all over. Nature is truly amazing. It makes me sad to see what wanton destruction of it goes on, on this planet.

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