Women: willingness / desire to go anal only?

Discussion in 'Oral and Anal Sex' started by Essef, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Essef

    Essef Member

    There's a pretty interesting thread about couples who have gone "anal only". In this oral/anal inclined forum, i wondered how many women would prefer, or consider, going to "anal only" sex lives - that is, to stop having vaginal sex in favor of anal sex for good.

    Feel free to share your thoughts on why, preferences, whatever.

    Personally, while i prefer anal sex, i'm not sure I would want to go exclusively anal unless my wife pressed for it. (and I'm pretty sure she won't).
  2. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

    I`m more of a double-dipper...but, hey. I`ve certainly known women who prefer anal to vaginal sex. I used to be indifferent to/slightly freaked out by anal sex; nowadays, it`s essential.
  3. Anal-only whores are the best because there will be no mouth to feed for 18 years. With the money saved one can visit Italy one month, Argentina for another month, etc.. How can you visit Victoria Falls with a crying baby in the mix?

    Assfucking saves much more money in the long term. Sure, with an anal whore you may have to buy a fur coat and some jewelry, but it is far cheaper than the consequences of vaginal sex. You will not have to pay for college tuition, braces, car, clothes, food, and other expenses incurred when cumming inside the pussy.
  4. howlyourname

    howlyourname Member

    i couldn't go anal only forever, but i could probably go a few months/a year with anal only, just so long as my pussy doesn't get totally neglected. oral is better than sex half the time anyway.
  5. I actually like to do anal at least 4 to 5 times a week, sometimes almost everytime. I don't know why, except it feels awesome, and my man loves it. Sometimes when he wants to vaginally, I actually want anal instead.....
  6. dawn_rhode

    dawn_rhode Member

    i think if im with a man that doesnt want vag sex then i would go anal only for him, dont think u should force someone to do something he wouldnt want to do. and im fine with just anal sex.
  7. Essef

    Essef Member

    Doubt there's a guy that doesn't want vag sex as opposed to NO sex... but some (me for instance) prefer anal. Still, pretty cool of you.
  8. LittleTex

    LittleTex Member

    Yeah dawn... If u truly love ur guy ... You would do anything to make him Happy!! And Anal is totally amazing... My guy and I have been totally anal for almost 2 years!!!
  9. Essef

    Essef Member

    You know, I think this is the way sex should be for both partners. Losing yourself in the pleasure of the other person rocks. Orgasm as a destination is not nearly as wonderful as sex as a journey. That means paying attention to what the other person wants and needs and finding a compatible fit. A body-mate to match the soul-mate.

    I'm in my 40s. Fit, sexually active, but a little longer in the tooth than some of you. Call it "more experienced". I've found that the best/most rewarding relationships, sexually, have been ones where my partner has been totally in to me and to the journey - or at least as much as i've been in to her and her needs.

    From your other posts, i recall you're a student. i suspect that makes you younger than me. but you figured this out way earlier than i did.
  10. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    It makes no real difference if the sex is Vaginal, Anal, Mutual Masturbation, Gay or Straight. By focussing on fulfilling your partner's needs you automatically decrease your own. In doing so, this has the result that your stamina in increased as is the degree of the subsequent climax.
  11. shygrly

    shygrly Member

    I'd go anal only.... but could I use a vibe/toy too? If yes, then hell yes. Why not?
  12. Essef

    Essef Member

    Lol. You can do/use anything you like.
  13. shygrly

    shygrly Member

    Great then, sign me up. ;)
  14. jul

    jul Member

    why to go only anal?

    i mean for a woman her vagina is the center of her feminine as i perceive it guys should really care about it and love it and offer many stimulus down there so that we can also be aroused and pleasure them more. So if a woman would decided to go anal it sounds like she would not get any satisfaction through vagina, so she feels like dropping, i may be thinking it the wrong way and perhaps there are other reasons...

    but for me at least, no way, i could even say the opposite; drop the anal boys and get to the g-spot. I do not know anal sex is good as an additional source of pleasure but to be the only source? why to count down on pleasures? reductions?

    now if my boyfriend insisted on that, no way that would make me feel half... LOL
  15. Linehaul

    Linehaul Member

    I hear you, but but people are diffrent some big some small. My GF has a very shallow VJJ and when we had vaginal sex i hurt her and she bleed everytime i bottomed out on almost every stroke.

    Birth control dosent work on her she had been pregnant on it several times and i knocked her up on our second date she miss carried cause she had an IUD in.
    Her periods were horrible on the IUD some lasted 10 days!

    She put me in her ass on our second date. After 6 months she told me she wanted anal everytime. She had her IUD removed and told her OBGYN she was useing anal sex as birthcontrol. She hasnt had me in her VJJ in 2 years and our sex life is better than ever. Her orgasems are way better to the point she squrts on every stroke. I dont think i can do better than that and keep her concous.
    Yes i play with her VJJ and we put viberators and dildos in it and i eat it but i dont put my dick in it.
    Our sex life isnt for everybody! but it works for us and we are happy. Some women love anal sex just because you dont dosent mean ALL women hate it.

    The sad fact is alot of women hate anal because they were with a guy who just slamed it in and didnt know what he was doing and ruines it for her to try that again. I post here to try help educate so more women will give anal a try if done properly.

    My GF posts on here too she is "LIL TEX"
  16. Linehaul

    Linehaul Member

    ok i read some of your posts you dont hate anal. Im just saying some women love anal you dont have to understand it. it just is.
  17. jul

    jul Member

    No, of course I do not....even though it took me a lot of effort to start enjoying it and yet i can not get straight satisfaction from it, unless i combine it with other sources as well...

    i was just commenting on going "anal exclusively" as the thread says...and i considered that in order to go for anal exclusively perhaps a woman would not enjoy her vagina that much > yet you also stated a similar opinion here with your own story

    but perhaps there are more reasons that a woman may want to limit her sex experience in anal sex solely and exclusively, yet i can not think of another...

    as for your story its good to hear that both of you found a solution that can work for you and make you happy...as you say there are different needs and i am with you all the way, i was just stating my POV.

    And by the way since you talked about women that hate anal even though that's not the subject of the thread, i think that one reason can be and the size (haha size does count but sometimes no matter the effort from both sides it can be painful).
  18. jameshk

    jameshk Member

    Finding a women to even want anal at the moment is proving difficult. IM neglecting here. haha.
  19. luvmywifesass

    luvmywifesass Member

    My wife had vaginal orgasms, she just had much more intese anal orgasms. Because of this, over a number of years we gravitated more and more toward anal sex. Then, five years ago, she told me she just wanted to skip straight to the anal sex. For some time before that, we would start off with vaginal sex, but always ended in her ass. Since then, we've only had anal sex.

    Don't get me wrong, it's not that we totally ignore her vagina. I give her oral sex (while using fingers on her ass) about once a month. About 50% of the time she uses a dildo or vibrator in her pussy during anal. This produces a quick orgasm for those times we don't have the time to take our time. But for real pleasure, she only wants me in her ass. With no vaginal stimulation whatsoever, she has incredibly intense orgasms, sometimes to the point of passing out. It's for that reason we only have anal sex.
  20. jul

    jul Member

    is anal ( i mean pure-pure) orgasm possible and how it is (haha i mean does it contain fluids?) sorry for quoting you anyone can answer this, i just quoted you because you mentioned it, but this has made me curious.

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