woe is me

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by thcinfectedhair, Jun 3, 2007.

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    In this time and the hour
    I feel life slipping through my fingers
    im bleeding now
    and losing power

    Once again I tend
    to disappoint
    humorous to see a junkie
    prove a stereotype worthwhile
    its gone again it comes labeled harmless
    once again proven hostile
    its always everyone fucking with my artistic style
    I need life to be a little more versatile
    its my way or the highway
    I seem to forget that im as safe as a stray
    I always have my life on delay
    back burner burnt to decay
    and guess who’s in the fucking way

    inside im a little bit smaller
    shallow im pale and losing color
    and I am honestly so sick
    of all the bullshit and the way I act like a prick
    im really NOT all the things I say
    brew a little hope that I can betray
    I will bruise till I obey

    In this time and the hour
    I feel life slipping through my fingers
    im bleeding now
    and losing power

    half truths and pseudo uncouth
    maybe its what im made of
    and its all about the facade
    it puts me at ease knowing
    I don’t believe in your god
    does it make a difference
    when deviance is entertainment
    and your breathing in the ambience
    of your own shitty ass adolescence
    who am I to change my very own outlook
    according to statistic its in the book
    just have a look
    it applies to your very own hair color shoe size and personality
    they just forget to tell you its to a certain degree
    growing and living off soil made of dread
    puts a hole in your head

    no sky’s show life for me no tear ever rains for me
    in my own selfish reality I ask why did it happen to me
    woe is me
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    Good one.
  3. SweetMarie

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    I agree, really good actually. "I am not all the things I say, brew a little hope that I can betray, I will bruise til I obey...." very nice.

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