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Discussion in 'Home Decor and Household Tips' started by gertie, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. gertie

    gertie Senior Member

    i have ivory colored curtains to hang on my windows, but contemplating something more to go with them.the problem is i'm not quite sure what as of yet. thinking about some sort of non-permanent stained glass type treatment or something else. my windows run pretty much the one entire wall. i sew, i do some macreme, and am pretty versitile in the craft arena. any ideas?
  2. igpay atinlay

    igpay atinlay Member

    whats the view like?
  3. gertie

    gertie Senior Member

    my room is what used to be the one side of a two car attached garage... it looks out just above the sidewalk up to the front door.
  4. igpay atinlay

    igpay atinlay Member

    a custom stained glass would be pretty cool, if you feel up to it, and judging by your other thread you do :)
  5. stazzy04

    stazzy04 Member

    I was watching a video on youtube of how to recycle different things around your home. And the one they had was a water bottle window. And supposedly its supposed to really help insulate the window also. But she just built a custom shelf that fit her window and fit the bottles, and filled the with water. And then at the end, she was mentioning things you could put in them, like flowers and what not.
  6. gertie

    gertie Senior Member

    very interesting....

  7. May Aizelle

    May Aizelle Member

    I totally like the stained glass window idea :D
  8. drumminmama

    drumminmama Super Moderator Lifetime Supporter

    Since the view is less than stellar, I'd go with faux stained glass or a colorful macreme curtain.
  9. rosemarie

    rosemarie Guest

    I wash with hand hot water with a small squirt of washing-up liquid. Then I rinse with a mix of hand hot water and white vinegar and use an e cloth. It's a lot of work but I look at it as valuable exercise.
  10. karev321

    karev321 Banned

    Glass paint your WIndow! Make it more of YOU and your customized style. If your view is not great your surely not missing on to anything. Or just paint a part of it. I think that would make an interesting option. Also if you want you can paint them simply with water colors and wash them when bored and paint something new.
  11. nox_lumen

    nox_lumen Member

    I like white or pastel lace types. My house has a decent view, but I'm clothing optional so it obscures what the neighbors don't need to see and still lets in plenty of light for crafts. Most of mine came from second hand stores and were close enough in size, and may turn into clothing when I lose interest and replace them.

    If you're liking the stain glass concept but want variety, consider clear shower curtains. You can paint several different styles and swap them out as the mood or light levels dictate. You can also sometimes find clear vinyl on clearance in fabric departments that can be painted and sewn into curtains.
  12. amit26

    amit26 Members

    Stained glass is good for window.Go for it...:blush:

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