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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by WeeDMaN, May 18, 2004.

  1. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    I heard that you need %99 Isopheryl to make hashish. I also heard THC is alcohol Soluable, and I heard that if you put ur stems n shit in a bottle of vodka and keep it there for a couple of weeds you will get high from it. Ok, my buddy has a small shooter bottle of Vodka, which he has put in some stems, a lil bit of bud(which he will be adding to with some bud) and roach papers with oil on it( the oil came from rolling too much weed into the joints, got too oily to smoke). The Vodka is now a dim green color. If we added some more bud, and then waited a week or so, then filtered out the vodka into a bowl and let it evaporate would it make hash? if so how much and how potent will it be?
  2. twoseeeyes

    twoseeeyes Member

    I never heard of using vodka to make hash but I assume it would work to a certain extent. Making hashish using iso requires very slow evaporation and a lot of stirring so the product would not burn up. G/L on your project. I wouldn't risk putting any more weed in until you finish this batch first. Just make sure to pour the product through a strainer into a glass dish before you evaporate. You don't want the junk on it.
  3. i doubt it will make very much hash, because THC is only partly soluable in alcohol, so once it reaches a certain point, no more will dissolve in alcohol... so there will probably be a lot or at least some THC left in the bud. Heating solvents usually increases the amount of soulte that can be dissolved in it, so maybe you should try heating it to about 150 degrees or so, just under the b.p. of alcohol and stir it up before straining it...
  4. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    Ok Ill tell my buddy, cuz I have never had good hash before, the 1 time this guy gave me some he made and it gave me a buzz, off a fat bowl of it.
  5. TreePhiend

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    what you are talkin' about isn't really hash, but hash oil. And I'm sure you could get something that you could smoke, but I dobu't it would even be worthy of the term "hash oil" also, just soaking bud in vodka and drinking it will not work, as the THC must be heated (above the bp of alcohol) to activate it.
  6. garf12

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    Ive never heard of hash being made with ISO alchol, but I have heard of using it to make honey oil. Although if you were to make this I would recommend using either butane or propane. Its alot cleaner.
  7. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    :( I dont have a Honey Bee Extractor :(

    Can somone tell me how to build something that would work for hash oil extraction?
  8. Nah, you can leave weed in alcohol for a few weeks and THC will absorb into the alcohol.
  9. from what i can tell, you have the makings of a tincture-a drug solution that is had by soaking thc or any pyschoactive substance in alcohol (vodka). Usually what people do is what ur saying-they dose their shit in grain alcohol or something for a few days to a week and then spread the solution over a bowl of bud or inside of a joint

    PS: make me a senior member damnit
  10. spend a few more dollars and buy something called Bubble Bags-this an assortment of lined bags that fit one inside the other like those little wooden people who keep getting smaller and being stacked inside each other. all you need for this are the bubble bags, access to a freezer, water, and ice-and half a brain to be able to read the instruction booklet. this will give you kick ass hash
  11. figured this was self-explanatory. but you need bud too-duh

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