will I get drug tested?

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by jimi420, Jan 11, 2005.

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    I'm applying for jobs at three places. A local CD/DVD shop, a ford car dealership, and a bike shop. I'm 15 and just want to know if I will get drug tested. My brother got a job at best buy and got a drug test. I haven't smoked for almost three weeks because I want the THC out of my system...this sucks! My friends keep telling me I won't get drug tested but they don't know shit. so i just wanna know if i will or won't. Any one who has got jobs at places like those or know people who have tell me if they make you get drug tests!
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    I know best buy does but I think thats it.
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    local places may not, but you never know. I'd stay clean for the time being just in case
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    Go check out the HighTimes website. They have alot of links to websites for products that will enable you to pass drug tests. Personally I don't like working for companies that drug test their employees. Its none of their business what you do after work. Its a bit like slavery. Drug testing is a way for companies to control your actions during off hours. Also companies are required to tell you if your are going to be tested(pre-employment) also they are required to have you sign a drug test consent form. Its the law. If they pop a test on you after you were hired and they didn't have you sign a consent form you have good legal grounds to sue the company.

    Go to the HighTimes website and click on the drug test section.

    also check out



    You will also need to find out if they are doing a drug screen or drugtest. There is a difference. Some products will only work for screens and vice versa.
    Restaraunts and retail stores usually don't do drug tests.
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    ford... yes. the other two probably not, unless they're like FYE or the Bicycle station, then yes. National chains always do, unless they're fast food places. If Mcdonalds did drug tests they's immediately disqualify about 70% of their employess.

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