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Discussion in 'Science and Technology' started by WilliG, Mar 13, 2018.

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    Had this problem for a while now and it's got worse over time. My computer basically loses connection or halts to an incredibly slow speed to the internet any time I ask it to do anything relatively"demanding" bandwidth wise. So this includes using streaming services or playing online video games. I use wireless connection, could be the problem with router? Any other suggestions please how to fix it
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    go to google and search ''internet speed test'' and do a quick test...that will tell you if its the router.....if you have normal speed it means it is your computer slowing the internet....slow eans its the connection....usually ....i am no expert.....good luck
  3. Irminsul

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    Could also be heat related, if your PC runs too hot. Check to make sure your WiFi adaptor card isn't running too close to your graphics card.
  4. It's likely an issue with your wireless card. My Lenovo laptop had this issue. Unfortunately in my case, it is still unresolved but I have since purchased a new laptop. My issue would be I'd be browsing along and suddenly it would lose connection. If I was watching Youtube, it would finish playing what was buffered, and then stop in the middle of the video. If I was watching someone's cam, it would freeze.

    You should be able to thoroughly diagnose the issue by hiring Geek Squad from BestBuy (if they have BestBuy where you live). If Geek Squad isn't an option, I would recommend looking into a different machine. I got a Dell Latitude E6410 for around $250. It's nice if compact, and never has connectivity issues.
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    Check the router's connection first. Just follow this instruction http Sometimes the problem can be caused by proxy or vpn so make sure that using of proxy-server is not marked in your browser settings.
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  6. Is it just when you are doing something over internet? You could open up task manager and see what kind of performance you are getting out of hardware.
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    Do you have other people connecting to your network. Maybe they are downloading something that's why your connection is slow. You should try to change your wifi password and see if this can fix the issue.

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