Why was it invented?

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  1. Ecstasy? I know LSD was invented for mental paitients but why and how was E discovered and made?
  2. I think it was supposed to be an anti-anxiety drug.
  3. ishade32

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    really? LSD was for mental patients? shit i dunno how that would help LOL
  4. The patent for MDMA—referred to as methylsafrylamin—which is not under dispute, was originally filed on December 24, 1912 by the German pharmaceutical company Merck, after being first synthesised for them by German chemist Anton Köllisch at Darmstadt earlier that year.[3][4] The patent was granted in 1914; Köllisch died in 1916 unaware of the impact his synthesis would have.

    At the time, MDMA was not known to be a drug in its own right; rather, it was patented as an intermediate chemical used in the synthesis of a hydrastinine (a drug intended to control bleeding from wounds) analogs[citation needed]. During 1927, Max Oberlin used MDMA as a mimic for adrenaline as the compound has a similar chemical structure. At this time the first animal studies were performed to demonstrate the effects of MDMA on blood glucose levels and vascular tissue.[3]

    This study was discontinued due to the high costs of the chemical synthesis. Interest was revived in the compound as a possible human stimulant by Wolfgang Fruhstorfer in 1959, although it is unclear if tests were actually performed on humans. The synthesis of the compound first appeared in 1960.[5]

    The U.S. Army did, however, carry out lethal dose studies of MDMA and several other compounds on animals in the mid-1950s. It was given the name EA-1475, with the EA standing for either (accounts vary) "Experimental Agent" or "Edgewood Arsenal."[6] The results of these studies were not declassified until 1969.

    MDMA appeared sporadically as a street drug in the late 1960s (when it was known as the "love drug").
    The MDMA molecule

    MDMA began to be used therapeutically in the late-1970s after the chemist Alexander Shulgin tried it himself, in 1977,[7] then introduced it to psychotherapist Leo Zeff. As Zeff and others spread word about MDMA, it developed a reputation for enhancing communication, reducing psychological defenses, and increasing capacity for introspection. However, no formal measures of these putative effects were made and blinded or placebo-controlled trials were not conducted. A small number of therapists—including George Greer, Joseph Downing, and Philip Wolfson—used it in their practices until it was made illegal.
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    acid was developed initially as a probable analeptic (a circulatory and respiratory stimulant) based on its structural similarity to another known analeptic, nikethamide. but they saw nothing beneficial when they tested it on the animals, so it was put away for 5 years. then Hofmann came back and re-synthesized it and accidently dosed himself when he touched it. and blast off! :D

    mental health researchers used it to try and get in the state of mind as the mental patients, to see what it was like and better understand it. they thought the body was releasing small quantities of substances like LSD in schizophrenia patients, but then studies showed there was no such connection of the effects and those of schizophrenia, they were way different and had diff cause and function. but in early research some thought they could treat psychiatric illnesses.

    i'll stop now, this is another topic... lol
  6. Mother's Love

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    couples therapy, so they share their feelings.
    but then people got a hold of it for recreational use, and now I don't think it can be used medically
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    acid wasn't invented for mental patients man idk where you heard that lol. acid was originally invented for use in the army when interrogating captured enemies. it was intended to be used for mind control and as a truth serum.

    ecstasy, on the other hand, was invented for use in psychotherapy. it was used successfully for about 10 years until it was made illegal as a result of its abuse. people used it in counselling. especially marriage counselling.
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    yes it was a marital aid basicly

    like the viagra for the relationship outside the bedroom basicly
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    Pretty sure it was discovered by accident in some lab. Like LSD. its not like someone set out to make a rave drug it just happened to turn out that way
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    MDMA, it was made as a chemical to be used during the synthesis of another chemical, wich is hydrastinine
  11. That one kid

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    So I read like 4 different ways that LSD invented on this thread and I know all those things happened but in what order?? Who used it first the Army or the scientists??
  12. ishade32

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    how would the army use LSD before scientists?
  13. wutthe4k

    wutthe4k Mr. Mojo Risin'

    actually let me clarify that lsd was also used successfully in psychotherepy before it was made illegal, but unlike ecstasy, that's not why it was created.

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