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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Twizz, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Twizz

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    This has almost nothing to do with weed. I'll let you know now.

    Why the hell is salvia so expensive, IT'S LEGAL. For a gram of 20x salvia, you put yourself out by about 30 bucks around here. That's ludacris.

    I love weed, and I love how cheap it is, and nothing will ever compare to it for me. I just love getting extra fucked up sometimes, and it's hard to do LEGALLY because it costs so fuckin much.

    A store that's probably 10-20 miles from here has smaller baggies with maybe 1 or 2 really good rips in each bag, and that costs less ($8), but still the weed is much less expensive, 5 bucks could buy me a gram of good weed around here.

    Just a rant.
  2. darkain

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    Salvia is VERY difficult to grow. You also only need a fraction of the amount to get high that Marijuana does.
  3. Yea..I paid a shitload of money for some salvia the other day..but after my first trip with it I realized that that stuff was probably going to last me a couple of years. So it's all relative.

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