Why mourn?

Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by hippie_chick666, May 16, 2007.

  1. hippie_chick666

    hippie_chick666 Senior Member

    I guess that I don't understand why people mourn the death of loved ones. I see death as part of life, just another stage that we all go through. If we all die, where's the surprise in that? Sure, some people die in tragic ways, but why fight what is natural? Mourning seems counterproductive. Why not celebrate the life of the deceased rather than reject reality? After all, the first stage of mourning is denial?

    Peace and love
  2. mandell

    mandell Banned

    Life should be enjoyed while it lasts, and death should not be feared.

    When the Taoist sage, Chuang Tzu's wife died he banged on a drum and sang.
    His colleagues questioned the propriety of this. `If I were to fall sobbing and wailing for her,' he replied, `I should think that I did not understand what was appointed for all. Therefore I restrained myself."
  3. hippie_chick666

    hippie_chick666 Senior Member

    Right on!

    Peace and love
  4. Varuna

    Varuna Senior Member

    I think the idea is to fully experience all of life, everything that happens to you. It is easy to celebrate the joyful, pleasant times, but to mourn is to accept, to own, to consciously live through and learn from even the worst days.
  5. I'm not sure I understand what you are saying really...
    when I think of mourning I only think of the daughter I lost and how I will never stop mourning her... she didn't get a chance to grow up and have a full life so I don't have too much to celebrate in her passing
    I do try to think about how wonderful she was while I had her but still I can't help but be overwhelmed with sadness

  6. snake sedrick

    snake sedrick Banned

    Probably it's something you can't really understand unless and until you experience it.
  7. AncientHippie

    AncientHippie Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    The extent of my mourning is based in the fact that I will miss the person.
    Knowing this makes it much easier to deal with.
    As such, I am not into funerals. What a pain in the neck they are.
  8. hippie_chick666

    hippie_chick666 Senior Member

    I have had close friends and family members die, but I feel as though I should celebrate their life, no matter how short it was. Other than that, I accept the death and know that death is part of the cycle of life.

    Peace and love
  9. snakeyes

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    yeah, I think that mourning is just a selfish expression of loss. People like to think that they mourn for whoever died, but really they do it for themselves. I mean, it's not like anyone really needs to feel sorry for the dead person. Actually, I think that death is great. It's the most natural and good thing there is. It is what allows life to continue (natural selection/evolution and all that). It's crazy that death is generally thought to be a bad thing.
  10. After all, the first stage of mourning is denial?

    oh come on thats just some shit you read in a book by some tit that wants to make money - everyone does it differently - theres no fucking set pattern and anyone who says there is - theyre full of shit !

    By the way you lot are talking it dont sound as though anyone close to you has ever died! what a load of old horse crap you people talk
  11. snakeyes

    snakeyes Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    don't jump to conclusions. My mom died when I was 9 and my dad when I was 17. I myself have died several times. Anyway, If people want to talk horse crap let 'em. This is a free speech forum is it not. Don't be such a meanie.

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