Why mobile application development service is important today?

Discussion in 'Computers and The Internet' started by Casmo, Oct 25, 2018.

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    Actually, can business be successful without app? What do you think?
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    I'll answer the thread title first. An app is important because it provides immeadiate access for the consumer, utilizing an app is often easier than navigating a website. Also apps encapsulate the company into it's own unique entity on your phone, which works like an advertisement of sorts.

    As far as a business being successful without an app, it probably depends on the business. Not everyone is tech savvy and if a company is to appeal to a broad range of people, they'll likely need a variety of methods to make their brand appealing.
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    Every processor and graphs card being produced today has arithmetic accelerators, or AI circuitry that is intended to eventually replace countless apps and do away with lengthy downloads for home computers as well and virtually eliminate bugs and bandwidth bottlenecks as well. The future of cellphone apps is their applications for AI purposes, instead of for distracting people driving or whatever. One guy walked off a cliff playing with his cellphone, and we need better apps because the operators are beyond all hope. What we require are new apps that the AI prefer to use.
  4. I just dl'd an app for myfitnesspal today. It's for tracking your diet and exercise among other things. It has a feature that needs access to your camera where you can scan a bar code of a food. And if the food is in the myfitness pal database already, you can add it to one of the meals you log while you're on the go or whatever. It's pretty nifty!
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    "This fitness app requires your location"

    err. no it doesn't. DENY :p
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