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    i dont post much on most webpages or forums that im registered to; That is because i ususally find myself on the road following music or making my own art (my music, my book), or when im home and i find a point that i think needs to be addressed. i find that this forum of love and sex has a lot of different walks of life from many experiences, but i find that a lot of the posts on this forum are not directly about love. The topic may dance around its edges and grace the topic slightly, but a majority of the posts (i think) are people trying to find out secrets about other people, its thrilling, i know because when i was younger i was a chat room hound, always seeing what kind of information people would be willing to share. not saying its a bad thing to play internetsecretgames, but i find that it leaves the openness of this forum redirected to peoples sexual fantasies and wishes rather then love. now, a short bio, i am a MALE, (yes with functional apparatus), who cannot by nature find pleasure in sexual acts without LOVE involved. I am also in touch with the sacred nature of my origins; hence i have a spiritual side, and by incorporating that which i know about love, and that which i know about spirit, infused them into one. sex to me is touching the mystery of life, as it is the augmentation of 2 spirit energies separated by evolutionary designation, to once again rejoin in a physical experiment in the true interconnectedness of everything. essentially, Love and lovemaking renders empty sex's significance to that of a wetdream. love is truth. only because it is our truest nature. Im writing a book right now about alot of this spirit/love/interconnectedness, i always love to share ideas. if you favor love (spirit- permanent) above sex (body - TEMPORARY), feel free to talk to me, because people who tend to put sex before love find me wierd. i thought i would share my experience because i dont find alot of males sharing this idea.
    Feel free to talk to me about spirit, love, philosophy, truth, science, art, or anything removed from harming people or our planet/universe.
    Omnipresent Awareness, Love And Truth Be with You Always

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