Why I don't get anymore visuals on DMT?

Discussion in 'DMT' started by deemsterone, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. deemsterone

    deemsterone Guest

    Okay so the first time I smoked dmt I had a very bad trip, I had no visuals and my head was just spinning around and I literally thought I was dead and started crying told my self I will never smoke dmt again, but next morning I tried it again :D And good thing I did cause I had visuals which was insane after the peak I just could not believe what happened I kept telling myself for about 15minute What the fuck? eh? What the fuck!? and next morning I tried it again and got visuals for a second time and last time.... I kept trying again put more dmt deeper tokes keep smoke longer... nothing worked, took a week break 3weeks break and finally yesterday I tried again which I waited 2months for and no visuals even tho the after peak was so fuck up I think it was the most mind fucking after peak experience I had, for about 20minutes I was looking at my ceiling thinking about so many random shit, and it was so crazy its like my brain kept rewinding like I thought the trip was over I was ready to stand up and go on my pc, but few seconds later its like a deja vu and I get fucked up again and it was just woow what is going on and when is it gonna end lol...

    When I first bought the dmt it was like waxy if that's how you call it, you could make a ball with it an all which was easier to melt.

    But now its more like Dry Sand,

    What's the problem here???

    Any long time DMT Trippers here? How many times have you had visual trips??

    Do you think I don't get visuals anymore because I smoked to much or is it because the dmt is like dry sand?

    I smoked it about 20-25times... and only had visuals twice or three times I'm not even sure
  2. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    Having visuals 2-3 times out of 20+ attempts is pretty odd but not every DMT trip I've had has been significantly visual. I'm not sure what the problem may be, when you were smoking it quite frequently perhaps tolerance could've been an issue but I don't really know if you're taking some breaks.
  3. deemsterone

    deemsterone Guest

    well like I said I took 2months break,

    but when I first stated smoking it I smoked it like 3 times in 40minutes almost every day ...

    I want visuals so bad... I think I'm gonna buy some fresh dmt and try it if I don't get visuals well I guess I fucked up.... and will wait a year or so to try again
  4. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    It sounds like a dosage issue; visuals are usually the last effect to arrive as you increase psychedelic dose, the first will be the altered thought patterns and intense emotions you describe. It sounds like maybe the DMT you are smoking is less potent or you need to generally smoke more. It also sounds like you're pretty focused on what you're seeing with your "eyes", maybe look more into what your mind is experiencing, analyze deeper than "what the fuck?" if you can :)
  5. SunshineChild

    SunshineChild Mad Scientist

    I smoked DMT every day for weeks and never noticed a tolerance. I'm not sure that it exists with DMT to be perfectly honest. Every experience seemed to blow me away no matter the dose.

    How are you smoking it? perhaps not smoking enough to blast off? or not properly?

    Do you get visuals from other psychedelics? Everyone's chemistry is different and some people don't get visuals. For me, DMT is one of the most visual psychedelics I've tried. 5-MeO-DMT on the other hand produced little to no visuals.
  6. unfocusedanakin

    unfocusedanakin The Archaic Revival Lifetime Supporter

    You said your DMT has changed in appearance. Maybe it has gone bad somehow. I have never heard of this happening, but I have also not heard of it's texture changing. How are you storing it? I have kept DMT in a plastic bag in a drawer for months and still blasted off, it's not a fragile chemical that I know of.
  7. deemsterone

    deemsterone Guest

    Okay so..... I finally found out what I was doing wrong.. The reason is probably that when I smoked it with my weed pipe I didn't let it melt enough ( Yeah? )...

    I had a meth pipe that I bought a while back to try with dmt but I didn't know how to use it to well, instead I used the weed pipe, so just about 40minutes ago I wanted to try it...

    And it worked!! Got the visuals ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh yeah!

    So just about 5minutes ago I went to clean my pipe and I fucking broke it, my finger is bleeding and I'm so mad and sad :(

    I'm gonna try with the old pipe next week hope its gonna work, I will let it melt better this time..
  8. badoo

    badoo Guest

    yeah sometimes i dont get visuals when smoking dmt but thats normally because of very powerful trips where i cant see my surroundings any more. i have found that dmt in joints or roll ups produce a lot of visuals
  9. floes

    floes Senior Member

    I met a fellow before who claimed he had schizophrenia and couldent get any type of reaction off of smoking dmt before as well. Though one day this brave trooper tryed IV and said its the first time he ever got it to work. I can confirm he had quality product as well as the correct teachings of vaporization techniques.

    But as far as this thread goes do recall reading something at some point in time that people with schizophrenia may have higher amounts of DMT going through there system. Which if this is your case then you may need to completely up the amount, take more consecutive hits while putting on a little more everytime. Or you may just need to invest in a vapor genie to insure 100% correct vaporization technique. when a person has schizophrenia there is trace amounts of DMT in the urin, which means if there is enough dmt going through there body to leave in urin then maybe smoking it may not be enough to effect you.

    hope all works out for you
  10. TryptaNice

    TryptaNice Member

    Sounds like you probably need to increase the dose. Other things that could possibly help would be for you to have a clear intention for it each time you go journeying (if you don't already), or to change your vaping method perhaps. If you were using DMT a shit ton, I'd say the lack of visuals is likely due to overuse, but it doesn't seem like that's your situation. For me, when I was overusing it, even at high doses I'd just be swept away, no visuals, then not know wtf just happened. After taking a long break, things got better.

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