why doesn't he talk to me anymore? i hate it!...

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Adgreyga, Feb 1, 2005.

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    i think i posted s/t like this already about this guy, but i just really need to vent it out>>>> :( :( :(

    in short me and him really like each other, he knows i like him and when he found out he told a friend of mine that he wanted to talk to me, though i didnt kno this at the time. he didnt talk to me tho. so everyone that i talk to that knows him says hes just really shy around ppl he doesnt know but ppl he doesnt kno hes a really cool person, the person that i was attracted to before and the friend i had in him before all this happend is what i expected to keep.

    me and him have never addressed this issue face to face and actually ignore it, but i kno i just still have really really strong feelings for him. i just wish he could get over being so shy (if thats the real reason) cuz hes not like that around others or around me b4 he knew- hes extremly athletic, really funny, is really loyal to all the close friends hes had since forever, aggressive/dominant-like and even thou hes popular, he hangs around all kinds of ppl, we have alot in common. i like most of all that hes deep in a way i cant explain- but i hate the condition of our relationship.
    we've been trying to get over this for 2 months now and have been trying to talk to each other but it just hasnt happend - its soooo fustrating!!!!!!

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