why do some people stick with it

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by natural philosophy, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. natural philosophy

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    a certain percentage of the popuation actually tries cannabis at least once. an even smaller percentage of that number actually like it and conntinue doing it. i've noticed that some people try pot once and they never want to try it again, or they just have some at a party or wherever it's offered. other people try it once and they just turn into stoners, buying it and smoking it regularly. my question is, what's the difference between the person who decides to smoke regularly and the person who doesn't?

    personally, i have to say that i fell in love the first time i bought some good bud. that was the last and only time i bought it a gram at a time. i'm not really sure what about it made me like it at first. it was such a different experience than i had ever felt before. it was like an adventure for me back then. a way of escaping my silly little small town life. a cure for boredom, you could say.

    anyways, why stick with pot? what's so important about pot that you can't just be like everybody else and live without it?
  2. texasmade3

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    Interesting question, but im off to work so i will edit this and reply when i get off.
  3. shuablazed

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    I smoke to keep things interesting. The everyday monotony of school, work, school, work really gets to me sometimes. Smoking a j is a great way to chill out after a long week/day. So I dunno maybe some people just really like school and work, or it could be that they're worried about getting caught or what people will think of them.

    It's probably different for every person.
  4. makesmomcry420

    makesmomcry420 shlimazl

    well the first time i smoked i swore that i would never do it again, the second time, i swore id never stop. its a strange drug i must admit. ive had a love hate relationship with it for some time now. around the end of my junior year of high school i started not liking the feeling anymore, it just gave me aixiety and i didnt enjoy it anymore so i quit. about halfway through senior year i smoked with my gf, for some reason; and fell back in love with it, and here i am now. its wierd cuz when i quit its like my imagination took a haitus and after i picked it back up it felt better.

    now i smoke cuz i like the feeling, it helps me think (my favorite pasttime, i love just thinking) and recently ive been getting inspired constantly and getting so many lyrics in my notebook that are quality;) its a great thing in my life.
  5. yeah at times im like "Why in the fuck do i need to take more bong rips, why do i do this"

    but its the love-hate relationship that keeps it interesting.
    and sometimes the "eye weight" pisses me off.

    also if people blaze, and then their close friends blaze, and people they know/hang with blaze, chances are your gonna blaze alllotttt.

    and it has to do somewhat with socail status, honestly how many preppy kids do you see carrying their bongs and whatever and going to the park to have a SESH? socail status is key, if you hang out with "respected" kids in a "good kid" group then you guys probably wont smoke weed becasue of the fact that people you know think its "dirty" and lame. at least thats how it works here, somewhat in my school.

    and then the kids who just do it at parties, they arnt completely down with getting high, but its around everyone is doing it so why not?

    some of that ^^^ is fucked up, its hard to write thoguhts......
  6. killswitchjd

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  7. Rugor

    Rugor Senior Member

    when I first started I use to laugh and get super super high and it was just so epic trippy and fun. now the effects are not as strong I feel it but don't laugh and it's not as fun anymore and does not have that rush....but sometimes I just smoke for the hell of cus im bored and then it makes me forget im bored for 3 hours . so idk weed it ok I really think it should be a once a month treat instead of a everday thing.
  8. Scarface186

    Scarface186 Member

    the first time i smoked was with two other kids, one of them didnt get high, i was watching him and he was taking good hits, he should have been, but you know how the first time is for some. any way me and the other kid were blown and that was one of the best nights of my life and will never forget the feeling of when you relize your high for the first time, how it just hits you and your like oh my god i just smoked weed and i love it. its been about two years and the other kid still hasnt smoked again, i tell him to, just so he knows how it is, but i think he got a bad expirance because me and my friend were trippin but he was completly fine. i think everyone should at least know what its like to be high, especially ass holes who say its bad for you and its a gateway drug, fuck that shit. ive wondered sometimes 'why do i do this, i dont need this shit' but in the end the weed wins and i dont think it should be a crime at all, i dont think there is single thing wrong with weed, except cottonmouth and dry eyes. i think the difference between people who stick with it and those that dont, are that the ones that dont are afraid to just fuckin live, those that stick with it are not afraid to break the rules for a night and have a shit load of fun with your best buddies that you got and the best bud that you can get.
  9. pschool

    pschool Member

    i love weed
  10. BudToker

    BudToker Senior Member

    I actaully disagree, I think most people try pot more than once.

    But anywho, I know I started smoking pot regularly jsut because it was fun. I think most people are misinformed about marijuana or they just don't like getting high. Some people like getting drunk more than getting high, so they stick to drinking.
  11. slaterr

    slaterr Member

    why is everyone analyzing weed all of a sudden
    it seems like everyone is talking about it now
    just smoke it for gods sake

    i agree
    i dont think theres anything wrong with weed
    i can do almost anything on it
    i also agree about people not living life to the fullest
    i think that your teenage years are when your meant to have the most fun cause once you go into college and eventualy off to the working world then by the time your free again like in high school your about 50 or 60 so you cant do as much as you could when your young
    so i just want to do what makes me happy and weed makes me happy
  12. There are some people that just dont like it. Ive talked to my mom and asked her why she doesnt smoke. She just says she doesnt want to be a burnout stoner and she doesnt like being high becuase she feels paranoid. But I think she just had a bad high. If I ever get her to try it ill get her some bomb ass shit and I know shell love it. Anyway I really like weed. I just make sure im doing ok in school and have my shit together before I smoke. I dont want to be some burnout stoner and throw my life away. I smoke almost everyday. And deal on a small scale. And when I see those gettin in the way with the rest of my shit I just cut back a little.
  13. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    The simple reason is, because we are all different, unique, indivual souls, Self embodying a physical shell. The amplified reason, is because some people have an entirely overwhelming anxiety, a FEAR, if you will, of losing touch with the physical body, the egocentric perception of reality, and feel as if they were just pushed out of a spaceship into a blackhole in space. Traversing deep into the unkown, uncharted waters of our mental conciousness, waves of vibration balanced out by our physical body, we are as anntane receving divine cosmic unifying messages, but some people revel in the ignorance of failing to fathom and comprehend the real reality of existance, and the method of living, that core essence of every partical of enhanced depth perception in the mode of living action, is called at its raw and exposed heart of its core, LOVE. Many people are so afraid of love and afraid of existance (same thing, different description in terminology) that they blindy refuse and reject it, and all whom have learned to unify their soul(Atman) with the SuperSoul (God, whom I praise as Krsna, the physical manifest incarnate of Vishnu, that exists in all that you know and that all you perceive)
    I'll give some of you some free advice on attaining a higher state of conciousness, the reverberating song of the lord, that swells from deep in the base of you spine, and crowns in a blossoming flower above your third eye, blooming out of the top of your head and tapping into its singular organic transmiting wires into the web of concious collected love. Chanting this mantra WILL have you attaining this acceptance of all, wether said in complete loving Bhakti (devotion) or through the blindest ignorance imaginable. It is the Maha Mantra :
    Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare :)
    Love and light to all of you, my brothers and sisters, children of light and peace and good health to every single one of you, with no exception :)
  14. GratefulFloyd

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    Well, people who are in it just to get 'fucked up' quit one day when they realize that they're being irresponsible, and then because of their own personal experience disregard it as a bad path to go down that nearly messed up their life... Ive seen it quite a bit.

    Second, people are tools, and many who try it simply because of peer pressure will just as easily be made scared and guilty by the critical eyes of the anti-drug masses which surround them.

    And, third of all, most people don't really care enough to get into it, and it took me a few attempts to actually get stoned, so I could see why people would just say "whats the big deal" and move on with life since they've never really experienced a truly good high... same goes for people who get high, but have never been in a suitable environment for it. A lot of people get high and just do that... nothing else, just sit there.. if someone gets that impression of marijuana then I could see why they might not want to, ahem... "fall into it".

    For me, its an incredible stimulation of the mind and senses. With television and drinking alcohol seeming like America's past time(both of them lull brain activity significantly) I don't think thats something most people can appreciate.

    But, that's just me.... the most common reason is one of mine too, people like to get high.

    Beautifully spoken, my friend. A truth I observe all too much around me... as Marley once said, herb reveals you to yourself, and to be brought to the reality of their plastic existence and unfulfilled perceptions can really frighten a person... luckily for them they can just fight the bad real thoughts until the high dissappears and slip the mask back on...

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