Why c#ckblock?

Discussion in 'Free Love' started by Sexident, May 2, 2013.

  1. Sexident

    Sexident Guest

    I met girl on the party, I was little drunk she was little drunk and we started to make out. After couple of blocking she allowed me that I can touch her a##.I also tried to breach her ti#ts but that was harder one. It took me half hour of several attempts that I could finally touch the b##bs under clothes.

    On next party we met again and the the procedure was the same, but she let me touch her pu##y this time. This is where things got interesting. While I was fingering her, she started to moan and to rub against my body very strongly, also her breathing was kinda intensive. Her vagina got sticky and her nipples appeared to be more longer than usual, although they were not that hard.From all these signs I concluded she is enough aroused to move to next step.I took her hand and tried to move it in my pants.I had to to few attempts because she was avoiding to touch my d1ck, she always ended on my a##. After quarter of hour she finally gripped my buddy and started to giving me a handjob.:daisy:.

    At this point I got turned on so much, that after 10 mins of handjob, I asked her if he can give me a bl#wjob.Here things went downhill.She started to be pretty relaxed and smiling in some strange way and I didn't like that because I got an impression she isn't turned on any-more. It was like I pressed some "turn-off" button in her.Then she quickly slipped out of my hug, leave me and went to back to her friends.

    I asked her why she does't want to do it, she said she had woman reasons to not do it. I asked her for telling me reasons and she said I wouldn't understand the reasons because they're woman reasons and I am a man.
    Seriously I have no idea what it was in backstage here..

    Btw, I'm 23, she's 20 and we both don't have any partners - well at least her friend told me she doesn't have a boyfriend.

    Regarding this I have questions for you.
    1. Did she leave me because she may be turned off by size of my d1ck?I am 5.5/5 inch and this maybe small for american girls?You have to know she left me a 10 mins after she touched my d1ck for first time.

    2.Why you think she left me at all?I am kinda surprised that could happen, because if she let me touch all her body, let me fingering her and obviously enjoying everything, why she wouldn't give me a BJ?Just one fun more, you know...
  2. Mr.Writer

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    in my opinion you sound a little pushy and creepy. Maybe she's just not the kind of girl who gives blowjobs to strangers at parties, maybe she's not that into you, enough to make out and handjob but doesn't wanna go further than that, maybe she's not looking for anything right now. Maybe you got lucky getting all the way to fingering her and she never wanted to go that far anyways. The fact that you're asking HERE instead of asking her, and the fact that you found out from her FRIENDS whether or not she's single means you haven't asked HER any of these things which means you're maybe not treating her with all the respect she's expecting. If you see her again try asking her about all this, how she feels about fooling around, whether she's been single a long time, etc. You might actually have to get to know her :) I don't think the size of your dick matters, I'd say it's more to do with the size of your maturity. Maybe hooking up with some guy who just wants to get between her legs while she's drunk is not her idea of a great night.
  3. eggsprog

    eggsprog anti gang marriage HipForums Supporter

    maybe your dick was smelly and she didn't want to put it in her mouth.

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