Why And How You Should Ignore Politics and Politicians!

Discussion in 'Hippies' started by Wolfman's Brother, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. -Here is the basic question you need to ask yourself. Is it worth your time, effort, money, and mental well-being to keep up with or participate in political issues?

    -I’ve been there and done that and since I actually cared so much about the issues, it was a never-ending source of disappointment and frustration. All the time I spent reading, listening, following, debating, wishing, hoping, and voting resulted in exactly ZERO difference.

    -The reasons I’ve mostly chosen to withdraw from politics in all its forms are the following:

    ☺-I personally can’t make a difference.
    ☻-Even when my side “won”, nothing fundamental ever changed.
    ☺-Since I actually cared about the issues, it was a source of endless stress and frustration for me. It made me ill.
    ☻-I decide I no longer want to lend “participation support” to the flawed process.
    ☺-I was wasting my life

    -If you live in the U.S., Canada, most of Europe and Asia, and probably many other places, it’s simply not worth your time to engage in political activity. The political environment is just a reality. You personally can’t do anything about it unless you can convince millions of people that we are in need of radical change. Good luck with that.
    -You can stop arguing with reality, stop trying to control that which you can’t control, and find freedom by taking actions you do control.

    -I look at the political environment like the sun. It’s a basic fact of reality. It comes up and it goes down. I love the sunlight, but I can’t do a damn thing about the fact that every night it drops below the horizon and disappears. What I can do is turn the lights on. That’s something in my direct control and I don’t lose one second of my life worrying about or trying to change the fact the sun goes down or the fact that I prefer natural sunlight to artificial lighting. I try to take the same attitude towards government and politics.

    - I’ve got to believe that the amount of national resources spent playing the political game are better spent elsewhere. I’m not apathetic. In fact I’m just the opposite, but I’ve made a conscious, intentional, and intellectual decision that politics sucks and is a waste of my life.

    -If you can accept the fact that the government steals a portion of your income and just get on with living you own life, the impact of the government on you will mostly disappear. If on the other hand you constantly monitor, watch, participate in, or worry about what the politicians and the bureaucrats are up to, then the government is going to be a huge burden upon your life.

    -Treat the government like the weather. If it’s raining, put up an umbrella or go inside. If it’s cold, put on a coat. If it’s warm, take off your coat. If it’s dark, turn on a light.

    Source: http://www.ratracetrap.com/the-rat-...ics-and-politicians.html#sthash.aV6Lqfcp.dpuf
  2. thismoment

    thismoment Member

    It's frustrating, true. And too thinking and worrying about politics is a bad idea. But politics is a huge part of how we interact with one another and a lot of it matters, e.g., the draconian abortion laws just passed in Texas, marriage equality, marijuana prohibition, and so on.

    I just stay informed (but not obsessed) and vote. I contribute $ to a few things I believe in and I also occasionally write to my crazy mofo faaaar right wing congressman to (politely) point out some of his more absurd notions. But I'm not attached to my feelings about these things. Well, sometimes I am.
  3. Reverand JC

    Reverand JC Willy Fuckin' Wonka

    "Now I realize there are no secret tricks,
    No correct politics,
    Only liars and lunatics,"

    Soul Asylum "Homesick"

    Rev J
  4. My father has always told me to ignore politics but he said I should vote for the party that makes the less harm to the system. As far as I can remember our family has always voted for social democrats but as all parties in our country they got corrupted so until I don't see any laws that they will legalize marijuana or that they will give gay marriage rights I'm not going to vote.

    Also there is this book you should check out:http://www.amazon.com/Dont-Vote-Just-Encourages-Bastards/dp/B009LQXV3W"]Don't Vote It Just Encourages the Bastards: P. J. O'Rourke: Amazon.com: Books

    damn I must pay more attention to the lyrics next time.
  5. Gongshaman

    Gongshaman Modus Lascivious

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
    ~Reverend Charles F. Aked
  6. Driftwood Gypsy

    Driftwood Gypsy Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    awesome post, very true, encompasses the sense of helplessness i often feel around politics.
  7. sunfighter

    sunfighter Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I share many of these feelings, but it remains true that the one remaining power that the people, not the corporations, still have is the vote. Corporations cannot vote, although they have undue power because Americans are so gullible and susceptible to advertising. Politicians benefit from a bad education system and the War on Mind-Expanding drugs because it makes their misleading ads have more effect. But, bottom line, the people can still make huge changes if they think for themselves. So, I still believe, after all my disappointments, that every American should regard voting as their sacred civic duty and that includes making an attempt to be hip, to understand what is really going on, follow the money.
  8. Wizardofodd

    Wizardofodd Senior Member

    I still vote and probably always will but it seems like I'm just voting for who I think is the lesser of the available evils. I think most politicians have been bought or blackmailed and I think it will get worse in the future.
  9. OddApple

    OddApple Member

    People's general awareness and responses have held off the end of their world more than they know.
    True, the dems are actually just competing without any regard for the people they sucker, but keep on calling, writing and speaking because part of the reason they have gotten away with this much is the general perception that yhe under 40 crowd is stupid, could care less and deserve whatever happens to them. Fight that perception.
    The lies are huge, immigration has nothing to do with hispanics any more than healthcare has to do with health. They are both much, much worse and are fronts to get Americansto vote for their own robbery and enslavement.
    Obama, via kerry, just announced that we are supposed to abandon South America to be over run by communists, so the chinese can park even more troops at our borders waiting forhis signal. This is being covered with the usual "equality" talk but it is bad for North and South America and serves pure evil, if you think you care about "people".
    You watch those lie bag criminals like hawks and double check every lie they tell. They will go to war on us soon, but the longer you can hold them off, the more chance you and the country have to get some control back. You were all "educated" to fear and comply with authority figures whether they were right or wrong, you were fed crap that the government gives a dam about you or your interests and well being. You were "groomed" to be dead or slaves and if dc gets it's way you will be. Watch 'em, stay on 'em. They 've been told by their black "wizards" that you're worthless stupid losers. That's why the democrat "front" and all the "social" crap - it's just a con to put more really bad people in places of power
    So good luck! We all have to vote now because obama is filing in thousands and thousands of illegals everyday just for their vote. To out vote you. Don't let a commie, muslim traitor be the death of all chances anybody might have. If you knew how bad it really was, you'd go off now. But that's what they want. You keep the phone and mail "revolution" going and make it about real issues like the business and success of a country.
    Oh and "brosurance" - that was an intentional scam to get you to pay away your dreams for rotten, fat cat democrat goals of destroying your freedom and this country. It is based on you paying for something you don'tneed and won't use so your money can go right uphill and stay there. It's robbery with an insult. That's why he picked illegals, blacks, women and young people. He believes they are fools and suckers.
    They are all bastards and dedicated, but you hold back tides you don't even know and still can fight for our country and freedom, which some are so jealous of they will do anything to take your place. The "death to America!" Crowd of earth trash? They'd be you in a second, the very second you let 'em. Keep your instincts, not all prejudices are bad and watch those fuckers like the serious fuckers they are. May G-d be with you and the United States of America, (not allah or sow fang) you and G-d are our only hope for at least as long as power remains in the hands of the people and remember, our own government is trying to end that too. You give 'em hell!
  10. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    I was actually going to post this quote as well. Tried to rep ya but I must spread it around first.

    Doing nothing and ignoring politics all together is only letting them win. It makes it easier for the establishment to continue corrupt business as usual. In my opinion, the votes that matter most are the votes for "alternative parties." If everyone that doesn't vote actually casted a vote for the other parties maybe we could actually accomplish something. Instead people want to bitch and moan about corrupt politicians all the while handing the reigns over to those very corrupt poloticians.

    It's like saying "Man I'm sure getting fat. I better go eat a triple cheeseburger with 2 orders of chili cheese fries so I can lose weight."

    Completely counterproductive.
  11. OddApple

    OddApple Member

    Yeah but the alternative parties never even get close, so at this point, a vote for them is a vote for the people you don't want because it doesn't count in the main race. So I guess watch the primary's to see what it comes down to and then pick between the top contenders. I know that millions of people that are the "first to go" are being hand held, driven to register and vote (legal or not) and told by the people that are just using them that it means "welfare" and "equality" like obama who never kept one thing he promised and doesn't ever care about the people parts of that rotten aca, just the parts that take your rights, subject you to home invasion and put your personal information all over the world for any agency (health the least) yet he has suckered people twice into voting for him when he never did what he said he was in the first place. He is creating a landslide "brown" vote this time because everybody else wised up and resents what he has ben up to, so he is bringing in brown voters who don't know squat to vote him a super highway for 100 million muslims to take the country by force, with you paying for it. That's him altogether he just lies and lies and some stupid people still think they are voting "black" when they are voting to be replaced and them put in poor camp prisons, which is already going on. So yeah, who do you think is first to go? It is about the whole country, not just one group rich or poor.
    I guess if you want democrat you don't have to vote, that's being taken care of right now. An illegal will vote for you.
  12. Driftwood Gypsy

    Driftwood Gypsy Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    My priority issues are cannabis legalization, universal healthcare for all (I believe healthcare should be a recognized human right), and gay marriage.

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  13. Reverand JC

    Reverand JC Willy Fuckin' Wonka

    One of the better clips I've seen in a while:


    Rev J
  14. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    And as long as people like you continue to buy into the 'wasted vote' bullshit they will continue to not come close. But if you ask me, a vote for the Republicrats is the true wasted vote. It's a vote for the continuation of the same. The Libertarians are starting to gain some ground on the local level, and the other parties could too if people would stop buying into the "wasted vote" nonsense that the establishment is feeding you.

    Did you know that if a party gets 5%....5 lousy percent.....of the popular vote in a presidential election, that party is entitled to the same federal funding as the Republicrats? As well as a seat at the national debates? Probably not. Most people have no idea because the establishment hammers it into our heads that it would be a wasted vote. So while a huge chunk of the population refuses to vote, we can't get 5% to vote for the several candidates who actually stand up for what they believe in.

    So even if a candidate doesn't come close to winning, they can still make a huge difference. The ball has to start somewhere, and we're not gonna get it rolling unless we take a chance and vote for someone who doesn't stand a chance. Or you can keep wasting your vote on the Republicrats hoping that this time will be different.
  15. OddApple

    OddApple Member

    No, prople like you are going to hand this country over to islam thinking you are saving the world and all you are doing is ending all the good we have to be punked by people who laugh at how ridiculously stupid people are here, to waste their rights and sovereignty on trying to play one game while the real and over riding game wins all. Just like some parasite poets from lesbos, who know health care is a fraud and complete trick legislation but want something like it soooo bad that they psychotically believe lies on purpose and end up in hezbollah harems. If you think advancing any two vote party is important now or even nearly as important as grabbing the dominant parties and wrestling them, you are truly lost. Einstein said that was the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.
    You don't have and can not muster the support in time to make any difference before it is too late. You can only try to pick which one of the monsters will do less damage.
    The idiot poet will get free leach parasite healthcare in a fema camp. Your idiotic desire for free healthcare has been studied all over the world. When the state decides you do not get to and in this country no white person can count on socialize medicine in the hands of our politicians. It's like voting for suicide.
    But, people who will not stand up for their rights (to their quality level, not the very lowest) do not deserve them and tjose so rubber headed that they can't grasp reality are not fit to decide important things like the course of a free country. How many times can you tell yourself "but this time it will be different" because a famous liar said so? The agenda is to get rid of the dependents we have now and replace them with stupider, more docile slaves that will accept the lowest standards. Marijuana legalisation will be history when the democrats put martial law in place next year...on their own voters...like they have benn trying all aong. More and more places are going medical anyway, they are just places it's hard to be a bum in. The places that farm bums and the poor more are going to resist legal as long as possible. Look at the map. Another "you get what you pay for" deal, not "you get what you whine for" at othets cost. Pull your head out if it's not already too late. I gaurantee republicans are a lot more sympathetic to parasites than mexicans will be. They want your place and will take it, while you are lost in an imaginary world of "should bees" and goofy priorities at the edge of world war. I know there are a lot of soft heads that preach here, but those who listen to that sort of thing will just be mad next year and telling their selves "I'm not stupid! Next time it will be different!" But there is not going to be a next time. By this time next year it is most likely that the poor will be finding out in truly harsh ways what they have done to their own selves. Look around and think about it. Don't just knee-jerk with a "cause" you know is low priority or another "but they said free stuff" before you really look into these things and see how very late it is.
    Care about the freedom and choice to keep fighting and try to choose that. Healthcare is not about healthcare and immigration is not about hispanics. Haha what kind of a retard can't see straight through that? Walmart has also said osamacare may hurt their profits. That should mean something to lemmings because how much a part walmart is of their lives (like a authority figure!) Ahaha! Let the smart get smarter fast and as for the stupid? That's what agenda 21 is for and it's already starting.
    Ps - you don't even know what is in that evil ass aca bill or you would not want it. You ought to know something of what it is before you go idiotically stumping for it. That again is why they picked dems for this, women and everybody else wanting a hand out - to vote for that thing. It is full of irony but people don't have time to laugh at the feckless now.
  16. I just can't get over the fact that a sixteen year old is saying ANYTHING about whether to engage or ignore political battles and the political scene. Yeah, ignore politics largely... like, don't buy the mainstream media. BUT..drop out? What people have to do is find a way to actually change the system and a 16 year would know nothing (nodda DAMN THANG) bout what I'm saying... so, move on.

    Keep dreaming your dreams n change the system.
    Third party is a good idea as Lovin said.

    There are other ideas. Just think.
  17. LetLovinTakeHold

    LetLovinTakeHold Cuz it will if you let it

    We are you going on about? Are you talking to me?
  18. Driftwood Gypsy

    Driftwood Gypsy Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    i hardly read any of this because one, its laden with personal attacks which is rude and not okay here, and i never attacked you. second, paragraphs? spelling? grammar? i can hardly understand it.
  19. OddApple

    OddApple Member

    I think you can understand it just fine. The only difference is at this point, people who do watch those folks like hawks worry about this Christmas, let alone next. Gays are getting married, people are smoking pot and the drive to wrangle the herd and thin it substantially is there, just not under this particular plan so even if it goes down another will soon follow. So the petty issues that distract people from the larger ones are there and moving forward. You'll get that healthcare you want and all the rest is what I am saying. Unless the people who kill gays, have no charity and are parked on our borders do make it in. The only thing that matters is holding that back as long as possible in the hope of the world money battle changing and sparing us, but I'm not really supposed to give false hopes either - I guess we'll know in a couple months. Good luck pretty girl. Love the dog.

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