Whos Playing At Hookaville!?!?

Discussion in 'Events and Festivals' started by GeT_hApPy, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. GeT_hApPy

    GeT_hApPy Member

    Does ANYONE know whos playing at Hookaville this Spring??????? I went to the website and either I'm really retarded and cant find the lineup or its not posted... but it says it is!! So im kinda confused.... ???
  2. I would love to go to hookaville this year, can you give me the website so I can find where and when? thanx
  3. GeT_hApPy

    GeT_hApPy Member


    i think thats it anyways... there was another site i went to, but i dont remember what the link was now
  4. k-faction

    k-faction Member

    It's not you. I don't think the lineup has been posted yet. It may be awhile. I've noticed that a lot of summer festival lineups have yet to be announced.
  5. phillyrp314

    phillyrp314 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    The site for hookahville is, well www.hookahville.com

    Not much on the hookahville site 'cept for dates and such. They usually don't/can't announce the line-up til about a month or two before the event. Spring usually brings around some great acts.

    You may also be able to find some info at www.hookahheads.com. Check out the message boards, as you can sometimes find rumoreds acts and general info.

    Anyone considering going really should consider it. I've been to 12 hookahvilles, and never had a bad time. Frontier Ranch is an excellent venue with a very laid back and friendly atmosphere.
  6. lizm

    lizm Member

    No acts have been announced yet, the main news for Spring is that the date changed - music is now SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, not Fri-Sat as in the past.

    philly's right aobut what sites to check.
  7. GeT_hApPy

    GeT_hApPy Member

    thats cool, yah i really think im guna make it a point to make it there this year
  8. awsome guys thanx for the websites!!!!!!!! I so want to go this year!!!!!!
  9. o.k cool now I know dates but where is it at?
  10. phillyrp314

    phillyrp314 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    8836 York Rd SW
    Pataskala, OH

    It's just a little east of Columbus, OH.
  11. oh awsome thank you!!!! sooooo much I really want to go this year. I had so much fun when I went a couple of years ago.
  12. speaking of this, my friends band will maybe be playing at hookahville this year...it will be stellar
  13. GeT_hApPy

    GeT_hApPy Member

    thats cool, what the name of his band? you'll have to us know if he is
  14. ILoveMyGuitar

    ILoveMyGuitar Member

    This is going to be my first year there, so I'm pretty excited. Still not quite sure how I'm going to get there, or who I'm going with, but damn it, I'm going :)

    Peace :)
  15. lizm

    lizm Member

    Most of the lineup is out, 1-2 more bands to announce:

    ekoostik hookah
    The Wailers
    Robert Randolph & The Family Band
    Sam Bush Band
    Drew Emmitt Band

    ...these have been announced on ekoostik.com - hookahville.com will have info for this spring in the next few days.
  16. hairybuckeye

    hairybuckeye Member

    I'vbeen to a few hookah shows but I'm on a tight budget thise year. How much do the tickets usally go for?

    "you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows"
  17. lizm

    lizm Member

    Presale is happening now for $70 until April 30 - after that the prices go up, to like $80 at TM and $90 at the gate.

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