who's been naked in front of a group of people?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by sweetval, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. JoeyM51

    JoeyM51 Currently locked in chastity for the last 4 years.

    Aside from the showers after playing sports and in the Army, I have played strip poker many times, engaged in orgies and group sex, a few thousand threesomes, some foursomes and me and 5 girls one night In Sydney, Australia. I wife has had her friends look at my penis and play with it. I threw a few naked pool parties and a few sex parties too. It was my lifestyle in my early twenties before my wife and I settled down with our girlfriend. I had a good body back then. I was a Jock and fresh out of a year of combat. Also had a good sense of humor and girls like that. I lived with a guy who was model good looking and happened to have the richest father in the city. He threw a party each month that attracted the pretty and gold digging girls in the city. By the end of the night everyone was naked and have sex with each other, sometimes one on one but mostly in groups.

    I was playing organized and high school sports since I was 12 so I was naked among guys for a very long time. In the Army there was zero privacy. Then I rented a house and shared it with two or three other guys who brought home girls and we sometimes swapped them and even had a gang bang or two. Being naked in front of anyone was never a problem because I knew that I looked good and could perform in a crowd. When I was 10 it was a problem though. Just had to get used to it. Truth be told, I liked getting naked in front of a group of women. They always liked what they saw and my wife and I got to have sex with all of her friends before settling in with her best friend. Two of my friends' wives came on to me but grabbing my crotch when their hubby was not looking and were the ones to start sex games where we all get naked or have to do what the game cards said. Our best friends asked us to wife swap, which we did. Not a problem then but in my old age, I rather not although I look much younger than most guys my age.
  2. Jetcity10

    Jetcity10 New Member

    Played strip trivial pursuit with two other couples in college. Lots of wine. No swapping, but the six of us were eventually all naked in various forms of sexual action.
  3. stonedhearted

    stonedhearted Well-Known Member

    I go to sex clubs, sex parties and orgies.
    I live 90% of my life naked, or in panties at least.
  4. Grasschild

    Grasschild Member

    yeah I would have to agree on this.
  5. Kitt698520

    Kitt698520 Member

    I have done it for a dare, strip poker, nude. Beaches and clubs, and one wild night blindfolded at a party.
    Also stripped for a group of guys at a bachelor party for fun.
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  6. pensfan13

    pensfan13 Senior Member

    Well that's kind of the idea of a nude beach...also during surgery (I guess I had that gown on but when it's lifted up to your chest it's as good as being naked)

    I would play those strip games but nobody I associate with would.
  7. sae68

    sae68 Well-Known Member

    Not since playing football lol but i'm game if anyone is ;)
  8. Alice in SC

    Alice in SC Well-Known Member

    I lost my top while skiing and hubby droped me right at the boat landing , I did not even know it ! I wondered why everyone was clapping ? !
  9. StellarCoon

    StellarCoon Shadow Warrior

    i did that once, 27 years ago in a delivery room.
  10. neoprene_queen

    neoprene_queen Rebel Grrrl

    It was a long time ago, but yes. I was at a party. We were camping out, on the river, drinking, smoking, having a good time. I was like 19 and, while there were other girls there, I was the only one who was single. Anyway, this guy started sweet talking me into taking off my top, and because I was young and dumb, and arrogant enough to think I was God's gift to anything with a set of eyes and a sex drive, I did it. Anyway, I spent the night and most of the next day in nothing but bikini bottoms (I didn't want sand in my pootie) running around like Lord of the Flies out in the woods, by the river, running around with, primarily, men, swimming, having mud fights (I grew up very much a country gal). I only covered up when tits got sunburned.

    It was a very interesting sensation and situation. I knew I was setting myself up to be objectified and whatnot, but I didn't mind; it was fun. The memories of that day and the emotions I have felt, have stayed with me all these years later.
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  11. Hondo75

    Hondo75 Member

    I have been the only naked person in a room of other people, turns out that I really enjoy that quite a bit. I pose for art classes and have done so for awhile now, so I've gotten pretty use to be naked in front of a group of clothed people who are all focused on me. In a couple of those sessions I've stayed naked for the entire three hours even during break periods. The first time that I was naked in front of a group of people I was set up by a friend when I visited her at her sorority. I was visiting her and she asked if I wanted to shoot some pool on the table they'd recently gotten and I agreed. We went down to their recreation room and there were a few girls sitting by their fireplace reading and talking and two girls were shooting pool. My friend and I watched for awhile and one of the girls said they were almost finished and then we could play. My friend said we didn't want to force them out so maybe we could just play teams. That sounded fine to them but one of the girls asked if we should play for something to make it interesting. One of the girls playing suggested that if they won I would have to strip for them, and if we won one of them would strip for us. My friend said that was okay for me, but she didn't really need to see one of them strip, so they said that they'd do her laundry for a week. I'd been watching them and one of the girls was really bad, looked like she'd never played pool before. The other girl knew what she was doing but wasn't that good, so being okay at pool I made the mistake of agreeing to the bet. As we were raking the balls several more girls came into the room. We agreed that my friend would break, then we'd just take turns. She broke and didn't do badly, but none of the balls went in. So now the better of the two girls took her turn and proceed to sink all of the solid balls and then the 8 ball. I noticed that she had been using her left hand when we came in but was now using her right hand to play. So there it was, I'd lost the bet and had agreed to strip of course now there were about 12 girls in the room, instead of the 5 that had been in there originally. They pushed a table into the middle of the room, turned the couches and pushed me up onto the table where I stripped naked for them. Although it was embarrassing I realized that I found it really exciting and in fact that's what led me to pose for art classes.
  12. bendiguy

    bendiguy Member

    lots of situations...strip poker, skinny dipping with friends, a small group sex. its always fun and I want to try a nudist camp...
  13. matt1162

    matt1162 Well-Known Member

    I worked as an artist's model at a local art museum. That required stripping in front of sometimes as many as 15 people of both genders. I was a little nervous going into it but after 5 minutes of standing in a pose on a raised platform so that everyone could see me well, I relaxed and forgot about being naked and just concentrated on holding still in my pose. I'll admit it was somewhat of a thrill having younger (roughly college age) women looking at my body in it's glory. I had fun and got paid $20 an hour for my services. I've always wondered if women working a strip club get a thrill knowing that their bodies are being looked at by a club full of men that are lusting for their body. While my modeling job wasn't as sexually based as a stripper's job, I know that I would get a bigger thrill out of being a male stripping at a strip club in front of a lot of women.
  14. SluttyJess

    SluttyJess Well-Known Member

    I have been naked in front of more than one person. In threesomes, at the beach, at a swingers party. If I lost a bet and the punishment for it is to get naked I'd do it, I'd also get naked if I'm playing a strip game in front of other people
  15. Kerri

    Kerri Well-Known Member

    Twice I've played stripping games in a mixed group - one time I managed to not end up completely naked ;-). I was a lifeguard so of course I've skinny dipped before. I've never been the only one naked and I would play a stripping game with people not playing if there was a group there that was playing.

    As for the stripping for a lost bet - maybe, the circumstances would have to be exactly right

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