Who likes to sleep naked?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Wicked Penetration, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. I love sleeping in the nude. I don't do it all the time, and I used to not do it because I'd get hard all the time, and I enjoy sleeping on my stomach. As you can imagine, that makes it not so comfortable, so I usually sleep in underwear.

    But my fiance seems cool with sleeping in the nude (at present she has never done it, but has wanted to), and when she moves in, we'll be sleeping naked a lot (I hope). Hey, it makes surprise sex at 4AM pretty easy :p

    Who else likes to sleep in the nude?
  2. ihmurria

    ihmurria fini

    I love sleeping in the nude
    especially now that it's warming up outside
  3. I sleep nude, except for when it's that time of the month.. I love the feeling of cold sheets against my bare skin.
  4. Charise

    Charise Naked to the Cosmos

    I almost have to sleep nude. If I don't, I get all tangled up in the clothes I'm wearing and get real uncomfortable. Now, even in the winter, I sleep completely nude. I'm just a lot more comfortable that way.
  5. Lainey

    Lainey Member

    i believe the real question is.. who DOESNT?
  6. Charise

    Charise Naked to the Cosmos

    We should have a hipforums 'sleep in the nude' Sleep In For Peace-only those that sleep in the nude are welcome. Of course, I'm not sure how much sleep we'd be getting.....
  7. Depends on if you can sleep with something hard rubbing up against you :p
  8. i enjoy sleeping naked way more then sleeping with clothes on.
  9. Natali2006

    Natali2006 Visitor

    In summer I"m sleep completely nude!!!

  10. kaannn

    kaannn Member

    i love sleeping naked, feels so nice inside my sleeping bag cause it has a cotton interior, but generally sleep in my boxers.
  11. Kastenfrosch

    Kastenfrosch Blaubeerkuchen!! HipForums Supporter

    now that it's becomming so hot outside, that it barely cools down at night, I started to sleep naked again... and it's so freakin kool I just love itl.
  12. Hammer1972

    Hammer1972 Member

    I have to sleep nude, hate wearing clothes at the best of times!
  13. Lainey

    Lainey Member

    i cant sleep naked because theres always a pester in the morning, andim not out to flaunt my goods to any housemates,ha but im pretty damnd close to my 'fuck it'
  14. ProzacBunny

    ProzacBunny Member

    Sleeping nude is definitely more comfortable than wearing clothes. :)
  15. okeefe

    okeefe :>

    I always sleep in the nude. I don't like getting tangled up in pj's during the night.
  16. brownie

    brownie Member

    I get cold very easily (even in the summer) and people have broken into my house a few times before so I get paranoid. So I usually sleep with my clothes on. But when I'm sleeping with my girlfriend all that goes away and I'm happy to sleep nude. I've got to agree, it rocks.
  17. I have sleep nude alot before but I need to masterbate before doing it or I won't be able to sleep..lol.
  18. DroopySnoopy

    DroopySnoopy The ORIGINAL Dr. Droop

    I hear ya! lol! I love to sleep in the au'natural, especially in the summer time.
  19. nesta

    nesta Banned

    exactly, i almost always sleep naked just because i'm uncomfortable if not. all the tossing and turning i do will give me a wicked boxer wedgy.....

    the only times i really sleep with clothes on is if i'm really cold (not often) or if there's someone else in the room (like sharing a two bed hotel room, or sleeping on someones sofa) or if i just pass out drunk....
  20. run2fly

    run2fly Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I sleep in a T-Shirt or sweatshirt, depending on the temperature. But I stay naked from the waist down, since that's the time when I normally masturbate.

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