Who is the dominant one sexually? You or your partner?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by Rachel85, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Rachel85

    Rachel85 Member

    I love watching my bf ejaculate, it's sexy! He cums very heavy, and it really spurts a long way. I like that. When my ex came, it would just kinda dribble out, not as sexy. It's surprising though, because my ex had a big dick and huge balls. My bf has a small cock, and a really cute, and perfect pair of little balls, so God knows where all that sperm comes from?

    What I like about my bf cumming though, is the fact that he cannot control it! I am in control of when he orgasms! I can make him last longer if I want, but I can make him come very, very quickly also. I do this to expose his vunerable side, which I find attractive. When I make him come really quick, he is like a shamed schoolboy, and this power over his orgasm puts me in charge of him sexually. He is submissive to me in the bedroom, the complete opposite too the rest of our relationship! I like it, although it does mean that, unlike my ex......my bf cannot pound me long and hard. My ex was in complete control of me sexually, which I also love.

    I copied and pasted the above from what I posted in another thread to explain what I mean. Do you dominate your partner sexually, or vice versa, or neither?
  2. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    Used to usually be more me, now it's usually more her. But we're both switch.
  3. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    I have mainly been the sexually dominant one, but sometimes I ask her to do something to me just to feel her hands touch my penis / scrotum & it's a turn on not knowing where & her hands will go from one minute to the next - especially if I'm not watching her hands movements.
  4. geo1981

    geo1981 Guest

    Usually, I do more of the work, but sometimes she tells me relax, while she do the work, and I kind of like it when she goes about it giggling.
  5. BuryMeInSmoke

    BuryMeInSmoke Member

    We tend to switch.
  6. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

    Tend to be very dominant with women, and submissive with boys. But, I am a switch/versatile.
  7. mya long

    mya long Guest

    @Rachel85, I enjoy it when I'm in control of my bf's orgasm as well, but I'm not experienced as far as riding him-he never lets me finish when I tell him I want to do it. I give him hand jobs and he tries so hard to stay in control, but he loses it. I know it's just a hand job but damn it, I give good ones, lol - I know this bcuz men I've been with before him absolutely lose it when I do it. I want to learn how to ride him to the point that I'm in control. that turns me on! I like being dominated by him too though, but sometimes I want to be in control, it makes things more exciting. please give me some pointers esp. about riding.
  8. jenessy

    jenessy Member

    I am submissive by nature but I am playful so I have my moments where I like to dominate, but not often.
  9. chili

    chili Member

    I am usually the dominant one, I would enjoy her being more dominant but I don't think it is in her nature....

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