Who has what body piercing

Discussion in 'Body Modification' started by theamos, Nov 21, 2018.

  1. theamos

    theamos Member

    what piercing do you have
    Any partners you been with have them?

    I have 4 -2 on each ear
    A navel
  2. StellarCoon

    StellarCoon Shadow Warrior

  3. StellarCoon

    StellarCoon Shadow Warrior

  4. StellarCoon

    StellarCoon Shadow Warrior

    fresh industrial piercing
  5. theamos

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  6. StellarCoon

    StellarCoon Shadow Warrior

  7. bekkie

    bekkie Member

    Only my ears. 2 in each lobe, 1 in each tragus, and 1 in my left cartilage. I had one in my right cartilage, but it came out and closed up. I had a navel piercing a few years ago, but my body rejected it. I still miss that one.
  8. maxmayer

    maxmayer Member

    I have on my ear
  9. Shannon Granger

    Shannon Granger New Member

    I have several in ear belly and chest done
  10. Burntcheeks

    Burntcheeks New Member

    My first post,:blush: two piercings one is a 000 gauge straight barbell apadravya and the other is a 00 gauge circular barbell Lorum:sunglasses::sunglasses:, and a shitload of ink
  11. Sagewynd

    Sagewynd Hi there

    12ga nipple barbells (titanium), 14ga titanium navel barbell. I may change my nipple barbells to cbrs soon. i did my own navel about a month ago and it's healing nicely. REALLY want a prince albert.

    I've been debating if i should do or get a sternum piercing... I have well-defined pecs so maybe ??
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