Who can you be nude with?

Discussion in 'Nudism, Naturism' started by Son of John, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. Son of John

    Son of John Banned

    This may seem like an odd question, but I'll ask it anyway. With whom would you feel the most confortable with, being naked together, for the first time.

    A. Close friends, including relatives

    B. Casual aquaintances

    C. Complete strangers.

    A part of your answer will depend on the circumstances, but try to be completely objective and tell who you would be the most relaxed with, if you were both, or all, naked.
  2. noodist_jen

    noodist_jen Member

    D. All of the above.
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  3. mduncan

    mduncan Guest

    same as noodist jen, D. all of the above
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  4. RIPTIDE59

    RIPTIDE59 Banned

    Agreed. All of the above. My only reluctance could be managing erections. This could be considered rude. Oh, well, just think of hill clinton.
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  5. nldn

    nldn Senior Member

    B and C in spas, saunas and on beaches.
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  6. Star-Fairy

    Star-Fairy Member

    We went to a naturist beach first just myself and my partner, I think I would have found it a bit uncomfortable had I known anyone else there, although I do know friends who also go to the same beach. I think it can take a while to feel comfortable for some people I love it but still a little ..shy :rolleyes:

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  7. bonita95

    bonita95 Member

    i live near a beach but its not nudist beach. but i undo my bikini anyway its safe really cos nobody arrests you! feels so unique all over to be free in public :0
    if police come i can wrap my towel.
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  8. FeralLunar

    FeralLunar Member

    All of the above
    I have no problems with nudity in front of anyone really..however..most people are like.."I can't see you naked. You're married...etc". My husband's brother came to town and even wearing a 5x shirt (just the shirt) he still complained about "seeing parts of my body"
  9. smoothman60

    smoothman60 Member

    The same as the rest all of the above
  10. beatlebug

    beatlebug Member

    Something about being naked in front of relatives really puts me off. I've gone skinny dipping in broad daylight with friends and acquaintances though and felt totally comfortable. Seriously though I's rather not see anyone in my family naked -_-
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  11. *pixy*

    *pixy* Member

    i guess a lot of people have no idea that going naked is something you just do for your own comfort or benefit. They always try to find a special reason, such as "she's desperatelely looking to pull a guy" or "she's offering herself to anybody" etc. It's just a matter of their narrow horizon. Actually, i think being married is a a thing that can make it more easy to go bare, as the idea "she does this to look for a man" no longer counts.

    Probably he does see what he intends to see. Maybe he's just unsure about your attitudes and he has no better a way to express.
  12. *pixy*

    *pixy* Member

    I did with A, B and C. I guess feeling fine does depend less on the "type" of persons you're with, than rather on the situation and circumstances.

    Of course, the most easy situation is when all go bare, like at a nude beach.

    If you are the only one, or part of few baring, maybe sometimes it's more relaxed with complete strangers than with friends or relatives around, as you don't need to explain or justify in any way.
  13. Son of John

    Son of John Banned

    It's tome for me to give my own opinion. I will admit that being naked with other persons is easiest if they are total strangers, like at a nude beach, where probably both men and women are there, and totally naked! That was also true when my wife was with me. It was just not any problem for me to see her naked before strange men, as long as they were respectful, which they always were.

    Another place I have been naked with "strangers" have been male bath-houses, (which, by the way, are not necessarily "Gay") There it is completely natural to sit in the sauna or steam with other naked men right across from me. We see each others' cocks, but no one does or says anything to make the others uncomfortable.

    Once, I was in a suana with a younger man who commented on the fact that I am uncircumcised. I was not offended and we had a discussion on the pros and cons of being circumcised.

    I would find it most difficult to be naked with other persons if I had established a relationship with them already, on some other plane, such as work-place, social groups, etc. I have found that to be naked with persons of casual aquaintance, usually changes the relationship later, for reasons that I cannot articulate.
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  14. TAZER-69

    TAZER-69 Listen To Your Heart! Lifetime Supporter

    I have no problem being nude in front of anybody. I am comfortable with my body.
  15. bonita95

    bonita95 Member

    are most guys circ or are most guys uncirc? curious cos my mums pretty cautious and didn't let my out late much until this year. and not been to a nude beach :(
  16. TAZER-69

    TAZER-69 Listen To Your Heart! Lifetime Supporter

    Most guys in the U S are cut as I am also. I can't answer for the rest of the world or your area.
  17. Alternative_Thinker

    Alternative_Thinker Darth Mysterious

    Percentage wise, I may be inclined to say the majority of men in the world would be uncircumcised. I certainly am not.

    As for my answer to the original question..... Two people immediately came to mind, and those were my current romantic partner and my female best friend. I could be absolutely totally comfortable being nude in front of those girls.
  18. freecospirit

    freecospirit Member

    There are essentially two distinct areas, private (in your own space, at home or in your hotel room) and public where nudity is expected.

    In a private situation then either alone or when my partner is around, my partner may also be nude but may be dressed. Then that is no problem. Having been brought up as a textile I could never be comfortable nude around clothed friends and relatives at home.

    In a public space, beach, sauna, gym locker room etc. These are spaces where nudity is considered acceptable and in many cases normal. Then I am happy to be nude with others who may be nude or clothed, probably strangers but if friends happen to be there it really doesn't matter.
  19. bonita95

    bonita95 Member

    oh sweet :2thumbsup: thanks for the inputs.
  20. FireWitch

    FireWitch Member

    The first 2

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