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    WHITE NOISE FESTIVAL - 27 & 28 of MARCH 2009
    Sponsored by moog
    So, 2009 is going to be the year of the great depression-recession, well this won't 'stop the music' because its a well known fact that 'nobody can stop the music', and White Noise will be one of the first festivals to kick off the bleakest 12 months of your life so far……….
    The independent electronic music label White Label Music Present a new event for your festival calendar – The White Noise Electronic Music Festival. 2 Days of cutting edge electronic music from Krautrock to ‘car alarm techno’, ‘Dub Folk-Moogtastic mayhem.’ ‘Theremins galore- glam-tronic- electro-billy lunacy.’
    Pick yourself up, dust yourself down, and haul yourself out. Beg, borrow or turn the sofa upside down and get yourself a ticket. If you're not from Brum there's great/cheap hostels we can recommend too, all close to the venue so you can just stumble home in the early hours.

    Venue: The Rainbow, Digbeth.Birmingham.
    The White Noise Festival 2009 will be held at The Rainbow, Digbeth, Birmingham on the 27th & 28th of March 2009, featuring an international line up of music with 12 bands and 7 djs battling it out in this unique Victorian boozer in Birmingham’s regenerated arts quarter.
    This intimate space, boasting a smokers courtyard, has recently enjoyed accolades from The Guardain and The Independant and regular features in The Metro newspaper.
    Battle commences at 7pm each night and runs through to 4am each morning. Tickets are priced £10 for a day ticket or £20 for a 2 day pass (plus £1.50 booking fee.)
    Dave Ball (DJ set)[SoftCell/TheGrid].Heim.HK119.Richard- Pop Will Eat Itself (DJ set).The Asbo Kid [James Atkin/EMF + Justin/Elastica].
    Pygmy Globetrotters.DJ Whitenoise, Playground Mafia,
    Contra Mundum [Republica / Flowered up].Tongue & Groove (DJ set).Lung Rotter 7 feat.Barry 7 [add n to x].Vars Of Litchi.
    Dub Chieftain. Beat Frequency.Ann [add n to x].Ribside. Beat Bigot. Gordon & Gunn (featuring Louis Gordon), Glatze.

    You can either buy a 1 day pass or a 2 day pass for the festival. 1
    days passes are £10 + £1.50 booking fee and 2 day passes are £20 +
    £1.50 booking fee. Tickets can be bought exclusively through the
    website @. www.whitenoisefestival.co.uk

    or @ www.theticketsellers.co.uk 0844 870 0000 (24 hours)

    For full details of the line up please see the website.
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    Some newer bands on here that's for sure. When I think of white noise I think of Throbbing Gristle, Whitehouse, Monte Cazzaza, Z'ev. They should bring some of the old schoolers back to headline!
  3. Harpo

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    Crikey - look at all those popstar names!

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