White-Collar Progressive/So-Called "Socialistics"/Greenie Eggless Vegetarian Libertarians: Future?

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    An educated-and-informed or over-educated-and-over-informed who "works smarter, not labors harder", "works with the mind, not labors with the body", "minimal effort for maximum pay", further politically-legally left in relation to economics, but not left-wing/leftist-proper (pro-regulatory economy by the state/government/public-sector), ultimately, at least eggless vegetarian or just lacto-vegetarian, with a strong emphasis on the self on-and-over the collective, decentralised-and-devolved, re-instating thinking/reasoning/rationalising/logic, instead of out-sourcing it to a social-cultural/socio-cultural moral-and-ethical authority, such as mental masturbators (theologians/priests/pastors/preachers/imans) and/or philosopher-kings (philosophers/pseudo-intellectuals/pseudo-academics), the problem is god-emperors (journalists/pundits/commentators/talking heads) who wield an inexorable amount of mental-social-cultural/mental-socio-cultural power-privilege-and-prestige, think tucker carlson, peter hitchens, katie hopkins, andrew bolt, anderson cooper and don lemon, besides rupert murdoch and silvio berlusconi who both own-and-organise/command-and-control/reign-and-rule the heart's-and-minds by way of the eye's-and-ears of their generally/broadly blue-collar (at the beginning of the day)/black-collar (at the end of the day), right-wing/rightist political correctness is a sham/scam, just like centrist political correctness, an even bigger sham/scam and left-wing/leftist political correctness, which doesn't exist in its true form, since centrist political correctness is dominate, then right-wing/rightist political correctness.

    Democratisation and automation of both blue-collar (at the beginning of the day)/black-collar (at the end of the day) labor-sites and grey-collar blue-collar (at the beginning of the day)/black-collar (at the end of the day) labor-sites and democratisation and mechanisation (partial-automation) of both grey-collar white-collar work-places and white-collar work-places is the future, the latter more so then the former.

    -Remove the lobbying
    -Automate blue-collar labor and mechanise (partially-automate) white-collar work and democratise white-collar work
    -Welfare-and-homing/housing is achievable-and-accomplishable with reproduction/procreation and movement-and-migration restricted
    -Price controls on local government rates, electricity and water should be initiated-and-implemented via policy-and-programme and potential subsidisation
    -Potential for material-and-resource allocation not in my life-time

    Socially-culturally centrist, but fiscally centre, centre-right or centre-right to right-wing/rightist is regarded as elitist, but socially-culturally centre-right, centre-right to right-wing/rightist or right-wing/rightist and fiscally centre-left is quite popular, I'm fiscally centre-left to left-wing/leftist.

    A night-watchman state has to be balanced alongside a managerial state, with a welfare state, nanny state, surveillance state, police state and military state/war-fare state, cause this gives the meaning/definition of night-watchman state an expansive meaning/definition.

    Besides politicians, legislators, jurists, economists, you have lawyers, former safety-and-security apparatus personnel, business-people/business-persons and hollyweird entertainers/performers entering the political-legal establishment/apparatus/system.

    (Right-wing/rightist) conservatism exists as a remnant of feudalism and exist within a capitalist economy and (centrist) liberalism is a "by-product" of capitalism, whilst (centrist) libertarianism can exist within a capitalist economy and in a post-capitalist economy
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