Which "Sh*thole Country" Is This?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Joshua Tree, Apr 16, 2018.

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    Yep. Orange County.
  4. Noserider

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    I didn't even play the video and I could tell it was OC.

    But I think they kicked them all out recently. At least from the Anaheim city limits. Can't have tourists going to Disneyland to see this shit...
  5. snowtiggernd

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    Has there ever been a study done to see where all the homeless people out there come or are coming from?
  6. Noserider

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    As I understand it they come from all over. They come because the weather is warm enough year round that if you're sleeping outside, you're never at risk of freezing to death. I hear San Diego and Miami have similar issues.

    I saw a documentary of a lot of locals who lost their homes and jobs who ended up taking the last of their money to buy an RV. California is good about letting people who live in RVs park for free. I hope this doesn't come across as insensitive, but some of them were living in RVs parked across the street from the beach and I was like, I would totally live like that
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    They're often what are known as "snow birds" who migrate north and south with the weather. The warmer southern states often herd them around like so many cattle, from one city to another, but California is creating so many of its own homeless that its become all but impossible to herd them like cattle without making a big scene. The drawback is, there are so many of them and the economy is so bad they are now having difficulty finding food and other necessities. So far, I've run across several that have left California because life on the streets has gotten so bad, they swear they will never go back to the state again.

    Its the same country I grew up with, with roughly the same percentage of the population living on the streets since Reagan. Its just getting harder to hide all the poverty and lack of resources dedicated to the poor and mentally ill, despite surrounding every ghetto with walls, as money continues to accumulate at the top. I find it funny that Americans have suddenly noticed all the homeless people, as if the idea there are poor people in the US and large homeless popular were a shocking revelation.
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    I am not surprised the situation was just as bad under Reagan. I think the point Occupy Democrats were trying to make is that Trump called Haiti and other TPS nations shithole countries whilst he seems to care very little if at all about the underclass in the USA.

    Trump decries immigrants from 'shithole countries' coming to US - CNNPolitics

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    This is why you get blanked
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  10. Running Horse

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    Kinda crazy thinking that I'm gonna be one of those tents here soon. Probably not in OC but still. Hopefully I can avoid getting bogged down in a single city or town though
  11. Joshua Tree

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    Good luck. I hope your new lifestyle works out for you, and that it's a choice rather than a necessity.
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    When I see RV and camp vans and I'm in a tent, it's like they're cheating. :p
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    What I've heard folks in the Rainbow Family say is that it's best to stay away from cities if you can
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    It's something I've wanted to do for a real long time but it is now, due to a very unexpected divorce, also a necessity.

    Yeah I recall reading that on one of the threads in the communal living area
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    note the lack of violence along the trail.. I caught one person yelling in all of 4miles.
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    The hell it was! I moved there at the tail end of Carter when interest rates were about 16%. I got a mortgage during that time. I was one of the fotunate ones. I found a place to buy.

    Then Reagan came in 81 and everybody that couldn't buy before could in about 84 or so. Everybody was working and happy. There was never anything remotely close to this even in the Carter days. They just lived in cheaper housing it what is now the inland empire. The homeless we're few and far between. I left when I saw the state political shift starting. Don't regret one second that choice.
  17. Joshua Tree

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    Okay. Well I'm not from the States so I don't really know. But I do remember from what I heard at the time was that Reaganomics did very little to help the worst off at the time, and that 'trickle down' was just a right-wing fantasy. What's happened in the UK is more like 'trickle up' - the rich get richer instead.
  18. NotMyRealName

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    The only people that hated Reagan's trickle down economics we're the Dems. And most of then kept quiet because they were working and making money.

    I'm not an economist. I'm just a guy with a wallet. If I have more in that wallet, I spend more. If I spend more, more people benefit.

    That's a pretty simple formula for me to understand how I trickle in my own way.
  19. Joshua Tree

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    The USA was the fifth most unequal country on earth economically, the UK was the seventh (data from 2015):

    Inequality - Income inequality - OECD Data
  20. Joshua Tree

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    States only beaten by:

    1. South Africa
    2. Costa Rica
    3. Chile
    4. Turkey

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