Wheres my period

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by Peace Attack, Aug 22, 2005.

  1. Peace Attack

    Peace Attack Make War

    I havent gotten my period in so long, which scares me because I've gotten it every 28 days for the last two years. And every so often I get a sharp shooting pain in my vagina area..

    Could it be because I'm on meds (prozac and abilify)?
    btw there's no possible way I'm pregnant.
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  3. lawngirl

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    first, how long is "so long"? how long has it been since your last period?

    did you just get on the meds, and is this the first time you've been late?

    did the vaginal pains start when you noticed your missed period, or was it before that?

    pretty much any new meds you start taking could potentially screw up your cycle. find a reputable medical website and look up the possible side effects of your meds. it might also mention it in your prescription info pack thing. i don't think those meds would cause sharp vaginal pains, though... but perhaps they could cause muscle cramping? you could call your pharmacist and see what s/he thinks.

    since you're 16 and have only been menstruating for two years, your hormones are still changing, and your body/cycle could still be adjusting. it's not abnormal for your cycle to change in your first few years of menstruation.

    have you recently gone through any changes in stress level, sleep time, diet, exercise, etc? lots of things can delay your period.

    the fact that you're having sharp vaginal pains is a little disconcerting. if you don't have a normal period soon, you might want to get checked out by a doc to rule out the possibility of any health problems, like cysts.

    good luck, i hope you have a normal period soon and your cycle gets back in gear. i hope you're in excellent health!
  4. Peace Attack

    Peace Attack Make War

    Thanks for the good advice. I just got my period, never thought I'd be so happy bleed..

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