Where to do it and where not to?

Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by cauan, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. cauan

    cauan Member

    Where do you ppl consider to be the best place to have acid?
    What would be the not recomendable places?
    What would be the worst?
    Doo you consider it a social drug?

    For sure this is a personal question and I know it all depends on my mood and everything else and everybody else is around...anyways just answer, please.

  2. eat_some_LSD

    eat_some_LSD Senior Member

    The best place to eat LSD is in the safety and the comfort of a friends home; make sure to stop at the store before the experience to pick up any necessities before the experience begins. ;)

    LSD is most definitely not a social drug. Have fun. :p
  3. PurpleGel

    PurpleGel Senior Member

    my favorite place is the beach (then the forest). obviously that, for me, is because i have a thing for the beach. if you were someone who hated beaches or were terrified of water or couldn't handle the ridiulous amounts of sand, then you would not enjoy tripping on the beach. with that said, it seems that the best place to trip is the place that you normally enjoy while in your sober state of consciousness.
  4. eat_some_LSD

    eat_some_LSD Senior Member

    *lol* Just noticed the poster lives in Brazil...

    *imagines tripping balls on the Brazilian coastline*
  5. Diamond Gord

    Diamond Gord Member

    If you are inexperienced then try it indoors with friends at first but once you feel confident, start experimenting with different settings.
    Some of my best and most memorable trips have been the more extreme ones; bungee jumping, roller coasters, festivals and the likes.
    If you feel confident with it, go try stuff, stimulate your senses, keep it interesting.
    As for it being a social drug, I like to conversate with people and nightclubs provide an enviornment in which people are expecting you to be in an altered state of mind so you don't have to disguise the fact that your tripping.
    Begin your experiences with care but don't be afraid to try stuff and most of all just relax and enjoy!
  6. DharmaBum

    DharmaBum Old Guard

    Bill Hicks..I Qoute

    Redneck hillBilly Tone.." I Took Acid and Went to Astroworld and had a Really bad time!"

    Normal Voice "You Sir...are an idiot"
  7. Hmm:

    Best: a friend's house that you know no one is going to come to in the middle of the night or the beach (it's so beautiful when the sun is coming up, i can only imagine what my cousin's neighbors are thinking when they are getting their paper, and they see 4 kids in crazy ass clothes walking to the beach at 6:00 am, there really is nothing better than beach, the water does it's own thing and the sky melts into the ocean aawww tis so beautiful :) )

    Worst: as much as i hate to say it, probably a show, cause if you are tripping super hard, you wasted $40, well i wouldn't say wasted, the lights and shit are awesome but i went to Panic in Charleston, tripping on about 3 and a half hits and i can tell you 2 songs, they played. it's so confusing, because you move really slow and people are all around you asking you questions and freaking you out, i definately do not like being in public places while i'm tripping...

    Social Drug?: hmm depends, my friends and i have made it in to our own social drug, not to the point we take it and want to go around a lot of people, but we do it together and have a good time just jammin to music, smokin, and really experiencing tripping for what it is.. :)
  8. crashandburn

    crashandburn Member

    Whoa, where do you live in Sc? I live in Summerville.
  9. sPiNtHeDiSc

    sPiNtHeDiSc Member

    Last weekend I was really high on DXM. I was with a friend who snuck us into the movies (I was so high I didn't even realize we were doing it). Once we go inside...I feel like i am in floating in space. I see billions of orange lights on the floor and im going out of my mind with pleasure. The darkness caused extreme visuals...I was seeing faces on the walls and millions of tiny patterns morphing. It was the most amazing trip I have ever had. But thats DXM...
  10. Psilodelix

    Psilodelix Member

    worst place: an airplane
    best place: a hawaiian beach for sunset with music
  11. trippytrippy

    trippytrippy Member

    bad trip places. i think tripping at a party or in most public places isnt such a good idea because it seems like i always feel like i look really out of it even when i dont and i get weirded out by things people say. one time i went to an arcade on acid and it was nuts TOOOO MUCH STIMULUS i had no idea what was going on.

    good trip places. good places to trip are in quiet houses with friends or by yourslef is good too cuz i think that when i trip alone i can concentrate on visuals more then if i have people distracing me, also i like walking aroung the forest too thats pretty fun cuz you get to see all of natures beauty all tripped out.
  12. NightOwl1331

    NightOwl1331 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Best place: for me it is at home either by myself (once I got comfortable with acid, of course) or with a few close friends.
    worst place: anywhere out in public. I think that's a really bad idea. I tripped at a music festival once and that was a bad idea...the vibe got kinda ugly with all the drunk people.
    I think being around close friends while tripping can be fun, but usually I would just rather close my eyes and *travel*, you know? so, I like having people around, but only if they understand that for awhile I will be in my own head and not wanting to talk to them. But its nice to have someone around to talk about your new revelations with. :D
  13. DWebster

    DWebster Member

    Best trip (LSD) I ever had was in an abandoned dorm building, like the whole thing 10 floors, there was a haloween party there hosted by some friends of mine, everyone was dressed up. There was no electric to the place so it was pitch black and you're just wondering around in there and you'd literally run into people in the halls cause you couldn't see em then all of a sudden a lighter would flick and light up the whole hallway for a split second and you'd just see all this crazy shit, not to mention the other person's dressed up and most as something scary, and then blackness again. I swear I walked around one floor for an hour trying to find the damn stairs, eventually I ran into someone and they led me to the stairs. Ahhhh, what a night, I hope someday I trip as hard again as what I did that night.

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