Where in The Nursey Rhyme Does It Say Humpty Dumpty Was An Egg ?

Discussion in 'Conspiracy' started by StevanHogg, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. StevanHogg

    StevanHogg Member

    Humpty Dumpty was the name of a cannon in the 17th century. it was put on a wall to defend a town called Forfar. It was the main cannon.

    An enemy fired and hit it. It fell to the ground smashing it to pieces. And all the kings horses and all the kings men couldnt put Humpty together again. It was changed to an egg in the 18th century lol

    Hehe i knew it wasnt an egg lol x
  2. drew5147

    drew5147 Dingledodie

    Humpty dumpty was a UFO, silly.
  3. MaryJBlaze

    MaryJBlaze eleven

    everyone knows humpty dumpty is the antichrist:rolleyes:
  4. flmkpr

    flmkpr Senior Member

  5. zihger

    zihger Senior Member

    It was probably all made up a conspiracy to make little kids scared to sit on walls. :)
  6. mamaKCita

    mamaKCita fucking stupid.

    damn the man!

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