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Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by Swat30, Jan 19, 2005.

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    I have 8 plants that i am currently growing. I planted them last week and theyre about 6 inches tall and have inch-long leaves. At what point will i be able to sex them?
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    get a small bag or something to tie around a lower puny branch for awhile so you can just sex that part of the plant Ive heard is a good way to check if u wanna get a jump on it. I don't have to much experience under my belt though so couldn't tell you how long it would take.
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    After around 5-6 weeks you should be able to tell the sex of the plant quite clearly. Pre-flowers should be showing by now, but if not, don't panic too much!

    Have a good close look from around the fourth node up (counted from the bottom of the plant). Look in the "junction" between the main stem and the branch and you should see what looks like a small tear-drop shaped "growth", signifying an early female (pistillate) pre-flower!

    As the plant matures you will see a thin white "V" shaped protusion, consisting of 2 white "pistils". If these show then it is a nailed to the wall female!

    On the other hand, (and from personal experience), if you plant has started to "alternate" its branches, and you still have no "pistils" showing, you really need to look closely as male pre-flowers look very similar (initially), to a new branch shoot. As the male matures, this "branch shoot" raises away from the plant on a small "stem", (looks like a "ball-on-a-stick" - called a "staminate" pre flower) and with time, this ball turns into a "cluster", looking very similar to the "ace of clubs" from a deck of cards!
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    3-8 weeks for indica predominate strains
    3-5 months for sativas.
    sativas are actually better when grown 8- 9 months before attempting to flower them.
    reason being they usually come from tropical enviroments with 12-13 month seasons.
    it's just the nature of sativa to wanna grow longer.
    indicas are generally from your more temperate climates-high mountain ranges like afganistan and nepal, which generally have a 3-4 month growing season.
    which is why a strain like kush can finish from seed in 3 months.sex these kind at three to six weeks.

    i got a couple of strains im working on that show sign in 20 to 25 days from germinating them.probly use them next cycle.

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