When Gay is okay with God and when it is not

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by billy5867, Feb 9, 2009.

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    Aside from all the religious stuff I had to try and filter out to get the message, it seems like its saying sexuality you are born with is "ok", and sexuality you are pressured into or which abuse etc has turned you toward is "not OK"

    I think this makes much more sense if we push God aside for a moment, spiritual as I am. But its all about our own comfort and who we really are. Staying true to that is key for making a happy and decent person. If indeed abuse etc is affecting peoples sexual actions then that can be bad for them and others, so yeah, bit of common sense there. I would never say "God is not OK" with someone purely based on their sexuality though

    All in all I really dont think people should go around fretting about what some deity that may or may not exist may or may not think, but rather confide in themselves and see if they are happy and kind people. Gay or not (why would that matter?) thats what counts

    Meh, its 1.30am

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