What's your favorite implements to get spanked with?

Discussion in 'Spanking' started by Maximillian1, Apr 14, 2021.

  1. Maximillian1

    Maximillian1 Members

    Most spankos have implements they like being spanked with when a session happens. Mine are leather paddles, tawses and canes. Traditional English /scottish weapons used forever in the UK. Canes have long been dreaded by most spankos, but I find the sound of the cane whistling thru the air and the snap against the buttocks very erotic, especially if the user has a talent for using a proper cane. My wife has become adept using canes and straps on me, and can deliver expert cuts of the cane especially hard. I've always been drawn to Victorian stories of women or men being caned by a true master or mistress of the cane. I guess that's why I find them so arousing. The pain becomes numb but the arousal keeps climbing the more the strokes become harder. Anyway what's your poison?
  2. NorCalMan

    NorCalMan Guest

    I've never been caned but I get spanked regularly by my wife. She usually uses a wooden paddle but also has used a long handle hair brush. Both are effective for sure.
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  3. MasseurNaturel

    MasseurNaturel Members

    Paddles, leather or wooden, and when I am very heavily restrained.
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