What's your bedroom look like?!

Discussion in 'Fashion and Crafts' started by Angeldustblossom, May 19, 2004.

  1. Hey all since i'm obsessed with making my bedroom over I'd like to know and see what yours all look like!!!!! Verbalize it or take a pic:) I'm sure you all are creative folks!!!! Can't wait to see!!!! HUGS
  2. Earthy Mama

    Earthy Mama Feel my wrath... ;)

    mines not quite finished. I never had time. Its just blue and I painted clouds along the top. And vines around a mirror.
    it was going to have flowers and animals all around like the peter rabbit stories(for my boys)
  3. Cre

    Cre Senior Member

    You would not be very impressed with ours. Currently, it is scattered with MegaBlocks and various other foot killer toys. We cosleep with our 18 month old, so it is her room too. Needless to say, we have high shelves for displaying our nicknacky things, but from 5 ft - under it is a disaster zone.
  4. vintage soul

    vintage soul Member

    im not finished with my room yet but heres what i have done so far.... instead of carpet i wanted tile and i found this really cool leppard print floor tile and my bed is done in leppard then on the other half i have tye dye bean bags and inscent bottles, my cd player, my guitar, kinda like my chill area but i have art all over the walls that i made and beaded curtains and posters but i dont know what colors to paint the walls i was thinking red or a brown any ideas??
  5. nightmarehippygirl

    nightmarehippygirl LEVI'S MOMMY

    i can't do anything with the walls, since we rent. i did repaint all the furniture though. the headboard, nightstand, and dresser are painted neon green, and the drawers are neon blue. i have a wild looking flower mobile over the bed, which everyone thinks is some kind of wierd sex thing, even though it's not. our bedding came from wal mart, it's a colorful daisy pattern that matches the furniture. i also painted picture frames and wooden shelves neon blue. the only think that i am lacking is that i need to sew some curtains. right now i have a tapestry tacked over the window, but it is pretty cheesy looking.
  6. day_tripper77

    day_tripper77 Member

    my room is painted a dark shade of red, and the carpet is this kind of creme color. i have a sleigh bed and a vanity that are both deep cherry wood. the furniture goes really well with the walls, i was afraid that it wouldnt, but it does... my room is kind of small - the bed is a queen size and its almost wall to wall the way i have it in there, but theres (barely) enough space for my computer desk, tv stand and small shelf for movies/books, my vanity, and this really awesome table i found a value village that holds my stereo... i really need some shelves though, so i can display things instead of having them strewn all over or still in boxes in the closet.. the closet is nice though - its probably as deep as a normal closet, but its hella long (i got the biggest closet in the house :D) when theres nothin in the bottom of it, i can get in it and lay down, and have plenty of space between my feet and the wall... i dont have any curtains, yet, so theres just white mini blinds in the windows.. but hopefully soon i'll be able to get/make some curtains... im thinking of getting some black bed sheets and making them into curtains and layering some kind of red lacy curtains over them.. i think that would be sweet.. oh, and i have lots of my artwork and pictures and magazine clippings on the walls.. best of all is my rocky horror poster <3

    i'll have to take some pictures of my room once it's cleaned up :eek:
  7. beachbum7

    beachbum7 Lookin' for any fun

    My bedroom - well other than being a mess - is rather bland. On one side of the room are the curtains, and on the other is the sliding door. The walls are tan, and I have no posters or decorations on my wall.
  8. I don't want to show off, (yes i do actualy) My bedroom is pretty impressive! The walls are a dark red/purple colour and i have meterial drapes covering the ceiling and around my bed.. (which isn't a bed really, it's a matress!)

    I have a lot of windchimes and things hanging from the ceiling, and the walls are covered with posters and pictures of my idols, favourite bands and films (John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Keith Moon, Led Zeppelin, Clockwork Orange and Kurt Cobain..)

    I've also painted colourful pictures on the walls, one with two hands smoking a giant spliff :) My Bedroom is full of candles and inscence, it looks really pretty when they're all lit. I also found a really tacky rainbow mushroom lamp which I love! Hmm.. I could spend forever in my room, it's definitly my favourite place to be!
  9. My room is the way I found it. Pale Neon green walls, and this weird swirly carpet. I wanted to change it.. you know do something new.. but I haven't been able to. Most of my house has that 70's flair to it. Our bathroom had the big flower power-like flowers on it.
  10. Acorn

    Acorn Member

    my room is pastal pink with girly flowers. my mom painted it when i was little, now ive grown accustom to it. i have a few posters around. on my one wall i have tacked all kinds of things. like pictures, a button, feathers, lots of things. i have some glow in the dark animals and stars. a colorful rug i crocheted. and of course...door beads!
  11. Mine has 2 red walls and 2 white walls. Then I have a comforter and drapes that matches the red. I have a bunch of weird furniture and knick knacks that I can't explain. Covering most of my walls are these huge weird collages I do using magazine clippings and paintings and such. Then I have prayer flags up too which give it a good feel. Also a lot of candles, how can you not, eh? That's pretty much it.
  12. My bedroom is terracota color with dark expresso colored molding. I have two big natural pine book shelves loaded with books and some nicknacks. One shelf has my tv, vcr, dvd player. Then on the end wall it's pretty much all windows with a shelf above loaded with my Arizona tea bottle collection. The headboard of my bed is against the wall. Above the bed is another set of shelves with some of my frog collection, cool candle holders and other various odd lawnsale/thrift shop finds. More frog collection on the bog bookshelves. My bed has a cheetah/tiger print comforter with a rust and burgundy tapestry with elephants and egyptian people on it. The pillows on my bed are Zebra print. Near my bed is my eggplant colored velvet chair with silver legs that I recovered in upholstery class. Above that is a shelf with my vintage fiesta ware collection. Above that is a print of starry night in a gold frame. I also have a peacock picture made out of layers of cardboard (lawnsale find), a sign that sayd "beware of attack frogs", a few glow in the dark stars, a license plate that says "our girl" and a VW beetle hub cap. Then I have walk in closet with a bright colored striped curtain I made over it. Then my big oak dresser which I intend to paint at some point green. At the end of my bed is a black butterfly chair and a zebra print butterfly chair. My floors are wood lamenate (sp?). Phew I think that's everything! Oh yeah and my ceiling is covered in billions of little glow in the dark stars. Hopefully soon I'll have a whole house to decorate!
  13. Rar1013

    Rar1013 GroovaMama

    My bedroom looks like A tropical paradise :)
  14. Tree-Hugger

    Tree-Hugger The Chainsaw

    My room has sawmill lumber on the walls and cieling. I put polyurethane on the wood so the natural colors would continue to show through. I didn't want it to turn that ugly grayish-black color. So the wood colors are red, orange, gold/yellow, brown, and some black. I have tile floors, that I put down myself. My room is decorated with all kinds of things, but they all center around my Egyptian theme. On one side of the room I have pillows on the floor with a chest in the middle to be a table. across from that is my bed. Then of course I have my chairs off to one corner with a table, and beside that is my entertainment center. I love my room, it's big, and everything is the way I want it. I'll have to take a few pictures. My parents and I built our house, so the room was left for me to design and decorate.
  15. I couldn't do too much to my room, beacuse we rent, yet it still looks kinda like a girly meets brothel meets pimp place, lol.

    I have a blue bead curtain over the door, that is held back on each side with a material flower.
    In my room I have an in-built wardrobe and desk on one side (couldn't paint them, so I covered them with photos.) There are windows all along the opposite side and the other two walls have more photos and posters of Pink Floyd, George Harrison, Jim Morrison etc..

    Furniture - I have a double bed that is silver, the headboard and end bit are silver with little bits of glass so they look sorta like flowers - kind of hard to descibe :). My duvet is white with pink poppies on it, and I made some awesomely tacky cushions in the smae shade of hot pink that I decorated with beads etc..

    The other furniture in my room is my vanity - it's very little girly, white with flowers on the handles and a big mirror. I put fairy lights all around the mirror though, and I also have a white lamp that I painted with pink poppies to match my bed. And that's about it - apart from the candles that i have EVERYWHERE, and I usually try to have fresh flowers in there too.
  16. crzydiamond

    crzydiamond Member

    my room is a light blue-ish green (beach glass) color. i used the same color in high gloss to stamp butterflies on one of the walls. i used to have a bunch of posters up but i took them down i guess bc it seemed too cluddered or something. anyway i really want to paint my room. i'm thinking a shade of light-ish green....
  17. Starr

    Starr Member

    My room is still in progress (which I think it will ALWAYS be), but I like it a lot. Three out of the four walls are a periwinkle purple, and the other wall is bright pink. I want to paint designs on the pink wall, but I havent gotten around to it yet. On the wall that my bed is on, there is a big tye-dyed sheet with a celtic cross on it. I also have up a bunch of posters and mirrors and artwork, and glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. There are a lot of Buddha statues around my room too, because I collect them. And prayer flags...Im a very spiritual person, but I dont consider myself any one religion. Then there are the candles...you gotta have candles. Oh, and I have a canopy bed that I got for Christmas that has lights hung from it.
  18. NightOwl1331

    NightOwl1331 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    My bedroom has dark wood paneling walls, but I'm about to move and paint my new room pale blue. And I have dark wood furniture which I think will look beautiful next to the pale blue walls. On my bed I have a quilt my great grandmother made. She made it out of fabric from dresses she wore in the 60s so it's pretty cool. I have Indian tapestries over my windows. I have tons of statues and such on built-in bookshelves. They're mainly things from India, but I also had to throw in some random weird things like a strange gnome statue that my grandmother made. :) Oh...and the thing that everyone notices first...butterflies all over my ceiling. I bought an encyclopedia of butterflies for like $1 and I cut out the butterflies and stuck 'em on my ceiling. Grooviness. :cool:
  19. _DeLiA_

    _DeLiA_ Member

    my room is painted purple with tons of posters and art. my favorite poster is a black and white bob marley one. i have beads that hang instead of a closet door.
  20. Becknudefck

    Becknudefck Senior Member

    mine is tripped out. there are posters all over, no room for anymore, a Giant bob marley poster on the ceiling. glow in the dark stars all over the ceiling. my couch with an alice in wonderland tapestry covering it, tv, computer, lava lamps, black lights, beads covering the door...it goes on

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