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  1. If marijuana hade no effect on our lives at all, except for being high for a period of time, would people hate the drug still? In other words; Is it the thought of us being high that they do not like?
  2. Grim

    Grim Wandering Wonderer

    I think it's a lot of things that make people hate those who use pot.
    I believe -most- people who don't smoke pot just don't, and don't care if other people do or don't.
    However it's no argument that some people do hate pot smokers for some reason or another. A little of it is probably some sort of psychological complex...they don't have the open mindedness/balls to smoke pot, and hate themselves for it...so they choose to hate the pot-smokers instead of consciously hating themselves.
    But I think others don't like it based on the actions of a few. While the majority of pot smokers tend to just smoke somewhere and enjoy with friends and not go out all over the place, a good many feel the need to share their experience with the world.
    Anyone who works in retail, or simply goes out often, no doubt has experience with "The Crew". You know the group...5-6 mid-teens. Generally all boys, maybe a chick or two on rare occasions. They tend to be emo-ish or hippie, but a lot of the "Urban" tguys are often present.
    Not content with sitting at home watching TV or playing video games while stoned, they venture out on the world - usually driving like numbnuts on the way. They will assail anyplace that happens to be open when they're high, and this unfortunately tends to be late night places like video rental stores, diners, wal-marts, etc.
    They wonder around making lame internet-jokes (Chuck Norris! LOL!) and poking/prodding assorted objects like they're the bees knees. These crews will be as loud and obnoxious as possible, and will make it a point to randomly ask stupid questions/start worthless conversations with other patrons of the establishment. They generally loiter endlessly until shoo'd by the powers that be of wherever they happen to be infesting, and then they move on to the next unfortunate locale.
    These people need to be piled in a shuttle and launched into a black hole.
    And we've all likely worked with the 'pot kid'. The guy who maybe deals a little, but his brother grows or something so he's -perpetually- high and never stops thinking it makes him ridiculousy cool. He's the guy who'll fart really loud for the eight time in an hour and get pissy when you don't think it's the funniest thing ever anymore, and the one who will randomly say "UNDERWEAR BUGS BUNNY GNOMES! AHAHAHA!" just for the thrill of everyone nearby suspecting he has downs syndrome. He rarely appears on time, or at all, and always appears fully stoned so he has no trouble completely screwing up whatever job he's there to do...but because he's managed to hook everyone there up once or twice, no one is willing to come down on him too hard even though they all think he's a douchebag.

    Again - not all pot smokers are like this by any stretch, I'm just telling you why some people have a bad vibe toward the group as a whole.

    FURBY.R.HOTT Member

    woah man, im part of "The Crew" but only because none of us have places to go, all my friends are pussies and like "my mommy will find out". well, i pretty much am too :p but not as much...and especially not as much as when im really baked...but thats another story.

    so basically, "The Crew" just goes out because they have nothing better to do
  4. buffoonman

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    I think a lot of people are mis-informed about how harmful pot is and think it leads to harder drugs. Unfortunately a lot of people believe everything the government tells them. Here in the UK things are getting a little better. Heroin and Crack are such a major problem that the powers that be are spending our resources tackling these and finally down grading pot to a class c drug. As the younger more informed generation grow up things (I hope) should get better.
  5. WhisperingWoods

    WhisperingWoods too far gone

    Some people are afraid of anyone under the influence of a substance. People fucked up on drugs can be unpredictable sometimes, and misinformation can lead someone to believe that stoners are as unpredictable as crack heads or alcoholics.
  6. i think it's mostly that they don't want us to think outside of their box, which tends happens when pot is smoked...

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